Saturday, April 11, 2009



Friends, some former Ron Paul supporters are now being courted by "radicals" stressing a new revolution of working class Americans against Obama and his big business supporters. is one of their biggest voices. In truth, our heroic gun totin' woodsmen are actually following Washington DC public relations firm Shirley & Bannister public affairs, a front group for the Bush family and the insurance industry.

The "tough guys" being organized into Milita units to march on Washington DC are being led by a front group funded by Westinghouse Corporation, Prudential Insurance, AETNA Insurance, the DuPont family, the Forbes family, McDonald Douglas, nuclear power plant builders and about a hundred groups made up of Washington lawyers and lobbyists.

What an embarassment. Organizing all of this "libertarian protest" is the biggest client of all, The Republican National Committee. The secret is out, you've been had, duped, snookered and suckered.

The group warning us about the New World Order is actually being led by the people they are supposed to be against.
It seems the Republican Party, after having been abandoned by the Christian Coalition, thought it could go after the Ron Paul supporters by pretending to be "just plain folks." Yup, the Forbes and DuPont familiies, Westinghouse, Prudential, Aetna and McDonald Douglass along with thousands of lawyers working for every crooked industry and phony front group in America, all suddenly "libertarians" supporting "the little guy" against big government and the rich.

This was the "dirty tricks" front group Karl Rove used during the campaigns, the ones that pumped out all thsoe stories we later learned were lies.

Now they are out in the woods, no longer behind the wheel of that Lexus. It's all blue jeans and assault rifles for what used to be the Washington DC bloodsucking elite.

Perhaps, when it comes time to march on Washington, you might want to look around and see how many Bush or DuPond faces you see.

Client list below...the backers of "the people's revolution:"

If you are a veteran or honest working American, look at this as the "need not apply" list also.

* Alexis de Tocqueville Institution
* Allied Pilots Association
* American Association of Health Plans
* American Association of Political Consultants
* American Conservative Union
* Americans for Hope, Growth & Opportunity
* American Policy Center
* American Public Philosophy Institute
* The American Spectator
* Australian Barley Board
* Black America's Political Action Committee
* Blackwell Corporation
* Bruce W. Eberle & Associates
* Business Mail Express
* Campaign Solutions
* Canadian MG Lewis MacKenzie (Ret.)
* CapitolWatch
* The Carmen Group
* Carrying Capacity Network
* Center for Individual Freedom
* Citizens for State Power
* Citizens United
* Club for Growth
* Collegiate Network[1]
* Conservative Political Action Conference
* Ann Coulter
* Crown Publishing
* Davis, Manafort & Freedman, Inc.
* The Honorable Pete DuPont
* Employee Benefits Associates
* Energy Freedom Alliance
* Federalist Society
* Flickers Films
* Free Enterprise Fund
* Free Speech Coalition
* Freedom Alliance
* Foley & Lardner
* Forbes for President 2000
* The Galen Institute
* The Hawthorn Group
* Heritage Foundation
* Institute for Legal Reform
* Institute for Policy Innovation
* Institute for Socio-Economic Studies
* The Keene Report
* Law Enforcement Alliance of America
* The Limited
* The Manhattan Institute
* McDonnell Douglas
* McGuire/Woods Consulting, LLC.
* National Audit Defense Network
* National Center for Policy Analysis
* National Farmers Federation of Australia
* National Rifle Association
* National Rifle Association-ILA
* National Taxpayers Union
* News World Communications
* Nuclear Energy Institute
* The O'Leary/Kamber Report
* Playcare Incorporated
* PM Consulting Corporation
* Prima Publishing
* Progress & Freedom Foundation
* Prudential
* Public Safety Systems
* Republican Majority Coalition
* Republican National Committee
* Natan Sharansky
* Small Business Survival Committee
* Southeastern Legal Foundation
* Starboard Response
* Stevens & Schriefer
* United Seniors Association
* University of Phoenix
* USA Weekend
* U.S. Chamber of Commerce
* U.S. English
* Washington Times Foundation
* Westinghouse Corporation
* The Winston Group
* WND Books

The list above, our patriotic resistance movement is also interchangable as a list of "Who's Who: American Scumbags"

Visit Shirley & Banister's website and make sure to click on the clients link. It's a who's who of everything we despise!

Al Sonja L. Schmidt
Ambassador Dore Gold
American Security Council
American Spectator Magazine
Basic Books
William F. Buckley
Bradley Foundation
Carol Liebau
Casey Research
Charles Hooff Realtors
Christian Anti-Defamation Commission
Citizens for the Republic
Citizens United
Craig Shirley: Rendezvous With Destiny
Crown Publishing
Fred Barnes
Brent Bozell
Ann Coulter
Bill Gertz
Robert Novak
Dave Smick
Dezenhall Resources
Federation for American Immigration Reform
Greg Lewis: Politics of Anger
Harcourt Publishing:
Andrew Klavan
Harper Collins:
Peggy Noonan
Joe Scarbourough
High Impact Leadership Coalition:
Bishop Harry Jackson
Human Events
Ignatius Press
Intercollegiate Studies Institute
John R. Lott
McGuire Woods Consulting
National Rifle Association
Philadelphia Trust Company
Publius House:
John Hostettler
Rachel Ehrenfeld
Richard Viguerie
Safe Florida Foundation
Simon & Schuster:
Macel Falwell
Strang Communications:
Mike Evans
John Hagee
Harry Jackson
Tony Perkins
Stroud & Hall:
Rick Perry
The Cardinal Newman Society
The Washington Examiner
Threshold Editions:
John Bolton
Edward Djerejian
Deal Hudson
Al Regnery