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Various people and politicians give views on Tony Blair's evidence and attitude at the Chilcot Iraq Inquiry, mainly which was seen as unrepentent of innocent deaths in Iraq

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homelessness in our own backyard

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sorry if this is a duplicate or you've already seen it Unsolved Mysteries - Maybe some of the early chemtrail trials?

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In the follow-up to his ground-breaking documentary 'American Drug War,' filmmaker Kevin Booth traces the fight against Federal drug regulation in the State of California. A public majority has spoken and said yes to states rights, allowing for the…
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Bring Holocaust criminals to justice: Israel. Shimon Peres issues warning on Iran in speech to German parliament. Israeli President Shimon Peres called for the surviving perpetrators of the Holocaust to be brought to justice and warned that Iran p…

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Seems the TX lottery has a conflict of interest going.... Texas Lottery/G-Tech Another Unbelievable Texas Lottery/G-Tech Story - Talk About A Conflict of Interest! Consultant Hired by Lottery Was Being Paid by G-Tech Too ... Posted: Monday, Jan…

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Wow! This article written by Paul Craig Roberts breaks our current predicament down! Enjoy! Rule by the Rich By Paul Craig Roberts Global Research, January 27, 2010 Creators Syndicate - 2010-01-25 The election of Republican Scott Brown to the U.S…

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The Last Picture Show SOURCE: The Texas Tribune by Ross Ramsey January 27, 2010 photo by: Bob Daemmerich Friday night's second and final debate between the Republican candidates for governor might as well be called "The Debra Medina Show." While…

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Massive Reserves Of Gold And Oil In Haiti? at The great tragedy of the 7.0 earthquake that essentially destroyed the nation of Haiti has many wondering if that nation can ever recover. In fact, as you read thi…

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Right - 545 who command a technological and infrastructural monstrosity capable of full spectrum dominance. They are the demonic embodiment of that filthy 'eye of horus' atop the dollar's pyramid. Damn them all to hell, and may their stay be eternal.

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LIVE TONIGHT @ 10 pm ET Esoterica episode 3: Hosted by citizenx74 and shadowsenshi LISTEN HERE [Open in new window] (AND CLICK PLAY) Join the chat below the player. CALL IN (269) 290-7605 Please support Fearless Broadcasting by Members…

Yes, it was just a pretext for an invasion. Did I hear talk of 20,000 "troops," with no exit strategy for decades?

@ Greg Forgive me, the heat and the distraction of Haiti and my cold, the grippy they call it here, may have slowed my thing process. I just could not sort out you meaning 100% and now I know that we are on the same wavelength. My real fear is that…

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Sorry, but there is no better title. When the king prick of depopulation freaks coughs up another $10,000,000,000 to fund vaccines poisons, what else can one say? "Health Buzz: Gates Pledges $10 Billion to Fund Vaccines" link Bravo to UNews, tho…

I just finished today's bar, all 3.5 ozs., 100 grams of delicious brown stuff. And I didn't share a drop with anyone. And never will. You may resort to revolution but I will beg to keep my brown bar. I'll walk to the gallows fore parting with me ch…

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Countries are to come forward with their national 2020 carbon reduction targets by January 31, under agreements made in the Copenhagen Accord (PDF). The Accord – noted by the COP15 plenary – includes provisions for developed and developing countri…

Keith aka "Digger" "Conspiracy is not just a Theory!"

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Source Jan. 29 (Bloomberg) -- The idea of secret banking cabals that control the country and global economy are a given among conspiracy theorists who stockpile ammo, bottled water and peanut butter. After this week’s congressional hearing into the…

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Could Vancouver 2010 be the next 9/11? I now believe I have reasonable grounds to bring into suspicion that there may be a “false flag” terrorist attack during the Olympics in Canada, which take place in Vancouver and Whistler from Feb. 12th until…

Jeff, chocolate is far too indulgent a foodstuff for the hardcore revolutionist- perhaps herein lies the problem. Sat round a wonky table at the back of the bread shop, wearing fingerless gloves, flat claps, with condensation escaping their throats…

From the DNA site: How to Participate Trace your paternal line Standard Paternal Ancestry Package (20 Y-DNA Marker Test), $119 Trace your own ancestry on your paternal line. You may upgrade to Advanced Package at a later date. Advanced Paternal A…

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Patriot Horse It is warmer here on this site than where I am right now. 4 degrees without the windchill factor! Brrrr

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