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MASSILON, Ohio: School Gets 700 Applications for One Janitorial Job

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Saturday, March 07, 2009

MASSILON, Ohio — Evidence of the slumping economy is stacking up at an Ohio school which has nearly 700 applications for one open janitorial job.

Officials at Perry Local Schools near Canton in northeast Ohio say they've extended the deadline until Monday to accommodate the overwhelming response to the week-old posting.

The full-time position at Edison Junior High School pays $15 to $16 an hour plus benefits.

Superintendent John Richard says many applicants are laid-off workers with heart-wrenching stories about the tough economic times.

Forty-nine-year-old Donna Croston says she applied after losing jobs at two nearby factories that closed.

Croston says her chances of being hired amid the hundreds of applicants are slim, but she's hoping to get lucky.,2933,506772,00.html

Copy N' Paste News March 07 2009

Barack Obama may subject US troops to International Criminal Court

U.S. Intelligence Caution Local Authorities For Attacks On Sporting Events

Red Light Camera Tickets Defeated In California

Obama Administration Defends Yoo

Morgellons: Expert Says Awareness and Early Treatment are Paramount

Rahm Emanuel tracks Obama, Biden and senior staff like cattle

Murder of 9/11 Widow Beverly Eckert v assassination of JFK Jr, Barbara Olson,

Declassified Docs: Bush has power to order airstrikes on US civilian structures

7/7 Documentary maker arrested for extradition to UK

North Carolina has obstacles to any 10th amendment resolution.....

NSA joining social network for intelligence analysts

Under surveillance: police target environmental protesters and journalists

Bayer: neonicotinoid pesticides cause mass bee death

Navy plans to take over Oregon coast airspace for military ops

Major Constitution Party Activities And Events

Federal Reserve Transparency Act - HR 1207 - Proposed Legis by Ron Paul

ALERT: NORTHCOM Conference on 03/11/09 Prep to defend NWO banking elite

FAA confirms data breach; 45,000 affected

Supreme Court Says President Can Detain People Without Charge

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

G. Edward Griffin on Deadline Live w/ Jack Blood

G. Edward Griffin on Deadline Live w/ Jack Blood Mar. 3, 2009

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Creature From Jekyll Island

A Second Look at the Federal Reserve - 42:15

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Sunday, March 1, 2009

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Boston TeaParty Psyop : Rick Santelli’s Planted Rant

After scanning the web for articles about the tea parties and (perhaps mistakenly) posting a few, I came to the conclusion the Tea Parties were "controlled opposition" to the current financial situation.

On the net pushing it were Michelle Malkin, on the radio local Faux conservative host nationwide and Greta on Fox news.

Rick Santelli’s Planted Rant was to take the heat off big biz and redirect it towards an obviously corrupt congress. They also point blame at the bad Americans who over extended their credit. I have noticed a big push (again) to redirect the blame away from the corporations, the crooked lenders, and bankers.

Read this from Pilots for 911 Truth.

QUOTE (Sanders @ Feb 27 2009, 04:13 PM)

Rick Santelli’s Planted Rant ?

By Barry Ritholtz - February 28th, 2009, 5:47PM

I was interviewed by several journalists last week about Rick Santelli’s Rant — my exact quote was it had a “Faux” feel to it. (I haven’t seen it in print yet)

What was so odd about this was that Santelli is usually on the ball; we usually agree more often than we disagree. He’s been repsosible for some of the best moments on Squawk Box.

But his rant somehow felt wrong. After we’ve pissed through over $7 trillion dollars in Federal bailouts to banks, brokers, automakers, insurers, etc., this was a pittance, the least offensive of all the vast sums of wasted money spent on “losers” to use Santelli’s phrase. It seemed like a whole lot of noise over “just” $75 billion, or 1% of the rest of the total ne’er-do-well bailout monies.

It turns out that there may be more to the story then originally met the eye, according to (yes, really) Playboy magazine.

“How did a minor-league TV figure, whose contract with CNBC is due this summer, get so quickly launched into a nationwide rightwing blog sensation? Why were there so many sites and organizations online and live within minutes or hours after his rant, leading to a nationwide protest just a week after his rant?

What hasn’t been reported until now is evidence linking Santelli’s “tea party” rant with some very familiar names in the Republican rightwing machine, from PR operatives who specialize in imitation-grassroots PR campaigns (called “astroturfing”) to bigwig politicians and notorious billionaire funders. As veteran Russia reporters, both of us spent years watching the Kremlin use fake grassroots movements to influence and control the political landscape. To us, the uncanny speed and direction the movement took and the players involved in promoting it had a strangely forced quality to it. If it seemed scripted, that’s because it was.

What we discovered is that Santelli’s “rant” was not at all spontaneous as his alleged fans claim, but rather it was a carefully-planned trigger for the anti-Obama campaign. In PR terms, his February 19th call for a “Chicago Tea Party” was the launch event of a carefully organized and sophisticated PR campaign, one in which Santelli served as a frontman, using the CNBC airwaves for publicity, for the some of the craziest and sleaziest rightwing oligarch clans this country has ever produced. Namely, the Koch family, the multibilllionaire owners of the largest private corporation in America, and funders of scores of rightwing thinktanks and advocacy groups, from the Cato Institute and Reason Magazine to FreedomWorks. The scion of the Koch family, Fred Koch, was a co-founder of the notorious extremist-rightwing John Birch Society.”

What is Playboy’s evidence of this?
“Within hours of Santelli’s rant, a website called sprang to life. Essentially inactive until that day, it now featured a YouTube video of Santelli’s “tea party” rant and billed itself as the official home of the Chicago Tea Party. The domain was registered in August, 2008 by Zack Christenson, a dweeby Twitter Republican and producer for a popular Chicago rightwing radio host Milt Rosenberg—a familiar name to Obama campaign people. Last August, Rosenberg, who looks like Martin Short’s Irving Cohen character, caused an outcry when he interviewed Stanley Kurtz, the conservative writer who first “exposed” a personal link between Obama and former Weather Undergound leader Bill Ayers. As a result of Rosenberg’s radio interview, the Ayers story was given a major push through the Republican media echo chamber, culminating in Sarah Palin’s accusation that Obama was “palling around with terrorists.” That Rosenberg’s producer owns the “” site is already weird—but what’s even stranger is that he first bought the domain last August, right around the time of Rosenburg’s launch of the “Obama is a terrorist” campaign. It’s as if they held this “Chicago tea party” campaign in reserve, like a sleeper-site. Which is exactly what it was.

This looks like more than a coincidence. This is now a very serious charge.

I have no insight as to whether this is true or not — but it certainly deserves a serious response from both Santelli and CNBC. If its false, then they should say so, and demand an apology from Playboy.

But if any of it is true, well then, Santelli may have to fall on his sword, and CNBC may owe the public an apology.

I am VERY curious if there is any truth to this.


Playboy Article: