Monday, April 6, 2009

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Cop Killer Held Opposing Views To Alex Jones and Infowars :

Smear Attack launched by the ADL in the aftermath of the

Pittsburgh police shootings

Poplawski Smear Debunked: Cop Killer Held Opposing Views To Infowars 060409top2

A vicious smear attack on Alex Jones and his websites launched by the ADL in the aftermath of the Pittsburgh police shootings which attempted to classify Infowars as an outlet for “hate speech” has been discredited after the ADL’s own website admitted that Richard Poplawski held views that opposed those of the Texas radio talk show host.

Stories claiming that Poplawski was influenced by Alex Jones, Infowars and Prison Planet originally appeared Sunday in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Raw Story. Neither of these news organizations attempted to speak with us before claiming the link and Raw Story later issued a retraction and removed us from their original piece altogether after we questioned the sloppy nature of their writer Muriel Kane’s hit piece.

The Raw Story piece now omits any mention of Prison Planet, Infowars or Alex Jones, stating, “Editor’s note: RAW STORY regrets an early version of this article was published without an editor’s approval. This article has been revised and edited.”

Liberal blogs and websites have grossly inflated the shootings out of context to claim that the tragic events were not as a result of a domestic dispute gone horribly awry, but as some kind of retribution launched deliberately by Poplawski borne out of his fierce support for the second amendment and interest in conspiracy websites. They have employed classic guilt-by-association tactics to attack gun rights activists in an attempt to discredit the very real agenda on behalf of the Obama administration to curtail the second amendment.

Forget the snarky blog entries at Little Green Footballs and Daily Kos — the attack against Alex Jones is now a main course diet for the Anti-Defamation League. “Web sites like the neo-Nazi Stormfront forums and the anti-government conspiracy Infowars site fueled [Richard Poplawski's] racist, anti-Semitic, and conspiratorial mindset,” the ADL claims in the white supremacy section of its website.

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