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The “Mad Scientist” Ivins, and Other 9/11 Legends

Sander Hicks: The “Mad Scientist” Ivins, and Other 9/11 Legends

As the sun begins to set on the tyrannical Bush/Cheney Administration, a “culprit” for the anthrax attacks has been dropped on us. The government has produced the dead body of “mad scientist” Bruce Ivins, the way a smiling cat produces a mouse carcass. This new lone assassin story holds together quite well: as long as you look only at it, and not at any of the other grisly details about US government involvement in anthrax.

The biggest hole in the current news story is that we all are expected now to reverse seven years of thinking, and suddenly believe that the anthrax attacks had no connection to 9/11. They were the work of an American insider, a psycho killer inside the US Army’s Fort Detrick, the Maryland headquarters of tax-payer funded chemical warfare.

With all the blame on Ivins, the official story has contradicted itself.

For example, look at this:

Above is the letter that was sent to Senator Tom Daschle. Would a crazy mad scientist NOT tied to the 9/11 attacks send his anthrax letters out right after 9/11, with “09-11-01” on top, and end the cover note with “Allah is Great”? Would he be willing to contribute to the public terror and build up the effect of 9/11, resulting in the advancement of the neo-con agenda? And here’s the stickler: Would he drive seven hours to Princeton, NJ to mail the letters, because he’s obsessed with a Catholic sorority there, but at the SAME time he’s sane enough to use the 9/11 attacks as a cover story? One that keeps him safe for seven years?

Something doesn’t add up.

Remember Jerome Hauer? We New Yorkers remember him well as the guy whose idea it was to spray carcinogenic insecticides, at eye level, from small pick up trucks, in residential city neighborhoods, to combat the almost nonexistent threat of “West Nile Virus” back in the Giuliani days. He was a NYC Government bio-terrorism expert who happened to be doing a bio-terrorism drill called “Tripod II” inside the World Trade Center on the morning of 9/11. It turns out Hauer is old friends with Steven Hatfill, the other anthrax suspect. It turns out, they both lectured at the Council on Foreign Relations together not too many years ago on the topic of “Building a ‘BioBomb’: Terrorist Challenge.” Yep, Hatfill, who commissioned a report from the CIA on how to attack people using anthrax in the mail, back when he worked at Ft. Detrick.

According to a San Jose newspaper, Jerome Hauer told the White House to go on Cipro on the evening of 9/11/01. They did. (On the phone with me, he denied telling the White House that, for what it’s worth.)

Shortly thereafter, Hauer’s next job was at the National Institute of Health, where he was tasked with, guess what? Investigating the anthrax attacks. And who did he point the finger to? Not Ivins, not Hatfill, not any of the gang at Ft. Detrick, or S.A.I.C., Hatfill and Hauer’s old employer, the military contractor. No, Hauer blamed Al Qaeda and Bin Laden. Another Democrat reading from the neo-con hymnal.

(In the same way, when Dan Rather looked at the collapse of the towers on 9/11 and on live TV said it looked just like one of those controlled demolitions, Hauer happened to be right there alongside Rather, saying, nope, it’s clear to me right now that it was jet fuel that dropped those structures. He knew more than one page of the hymnal.)

When you hear the media go on and on about Bruce Ivins’ obsession with sorority girls, or his insanity, take it with a grain of salt. A man’s reputation is fragile and it’s the first thing attacked in a situation like this.

For example, take Dr. Graham. He was a 9/11 truth researcher who died two years ago in Louisiana. Dr. Graham was a Louisiana community activist, a Vietnam veteran, an evangelical, an inventor, and a dentist who met two of the 9/11 hijackers in his hometown of Shreveport ten months before 9/11. He warned the FBI that he found the two young Saudis suspicious. But he was verbally abused and threatened by FBI. When 9/11 happened, these same two young Saudis were called Bin Laden’s right hand men. That’s interesting because the same two were protected by various agencies of the Federal government in multiple instances, in various cities across the USA.

In 2004, on the verge of publishing a book about his experiences with the FBI and the 9/11 terrorists, Dr. Graham was poisoned.

Here’s where the Graham story becomes a lot like the Ivins story. Graham was taken to the hospital and the FBI showed up in the ER at the same time. The FBI intimidated doctors, told them he was crazy. The cardiac surgeon abandoned Graham after that. The FBI implied Graham was suicidal to the Shreveport media. Graham died a slow death a year and a half later from the poisoning. The local media there have been reticent to cover this story, and effectively consented to let the FBI write it for them. But it’s the FBI who should be indicted for murder.

Recently, anthrax suspect Steven Hatfill was paid $6 million of your taxpayer dollars. He didn’t like being called a “person of interest” in the anthrax investigation and he sued the Department of Justice. Wow, $6 million. I guess it pays to be friends with people like Jerome Hauer and the Council on Foreign Relations. And yet I’m still waiting for answers regarding so much about Hatfill. I wish I had all the time in the world to fully research his alleged ties to far-right fascist groups in South Africa (who used anthrax). And why did the Washington Post Magazine report that a glove box for handling toxic chemicals was found concealed at the bottom of a pond on Hatfill’s property? The $6 million doesn’t exonerate him in my eyes. It sounds like someone pulling favors.

The same Department of Justice that paid him hasn’t responded to my formal request that the Inspector General at Justice look into FBI involvement in the death of Dr. Graham. This might seem unreasonable but they themselves promised a response. They are now five months late. I had called them from Shreveport after I had confronted the local FBI. I felt the walls closing in. The FBI didn’t deny that they had told the local media the Graham was crazy. They stuck to their story and tried to get me to believe it. But they couldn’t provide evidence. There is none. Graham was a good man and his suspicions were right on. The FBI agent I talked to had murder and cover-up just pouring out of his body-language, his nervous twitches, and the way he expelled me and another reporter from their offices.

In the same way, we are being handed an official story about Bruce Ivins. But details are left out. Like why did the FBI have to offer Ivin’s son $2.5 million and the “sportscar of your choice” to say certain things about his dad? If Ivins was guilty, then why the need to fabricate evidence? An offer of $2.5 million sounds heavy handed, like you’re desperate to find a fall guy, dead or alive. Preferably dead, patsies are so much more agreeable that way.

Let’s go back to Jerry Hauer. This was a guy who came up a lot at the Citizens Grand Jury convened by citizen activists in the well-organized 9/11 truth community. When I was researching my story on the Spitzer-Silverstein connection for New York Megaphone, I tracked down Hauer’s home phone number and called him on Labor Day, last fall. My timing was good, because I think he was a little drunk. He said things slightly slurred, and was at times a bit too honest. It was all a joke to him. On the audio file you can hear people laughing in the background.

We discussed the San Diego Citizens Grand Jury Indictment, which he dismissed with insults, but couldn’t say why.

He confirmed that he worked with Hatfill at SAIC. Then, I asked if Hatfill was innocent of involvement in the anthrax attacks. He was less than direct:

HICKS: A lot of people are wondering you know, where these anthrax attacks came from.

HAUER: I have uh…NO idea.

HICKS: Do you think that Hatfill is innocent?

HAUER: I…I…think that the FBI…should not have s…said anything about Hatfield until they knew more. I do not think Steve Hatfield is a murderer. I think Steve Hatfield is very passionate but I don’t think he’s a murderer. I don’t believe he did it.

HICKS: Uhhhh. That seems to be not the most clear, specific response in the world. I’m wondering if you’re saying that Hatfill…Can you say conclusively that Hatfill was not involved in the anthrax attacks? Is that what you’re saying?

HAUER: I’m not going to get into those details.

HICKS: So you’re leaving some room for ambiguity?

HAUER: No, I’m not. I’m not going to get into those details.

HICKS: Why not?

HAUER: I just don’t want to comment on it.

I just listened to the whole mp3 again for the first time in a while. I remember the night I made the interview. And then, using 1/8 inch audio cables, I turned my phone recording tape player into something that could talk to a Mac. Using some mp3-studio shareware I downloaded, I made this mp3. I was excited because I sort of knew that someday, the US Government and the FBI would throw up a sloppy non-answer for the anthrax attacks. And on that day, I knew that this interview would be especially relevant. I felt at the time I had contributed something to advancing the real story on anthrax.

In this audio file, notice how Jerry Hauer sort of acknowledges that the FBI is mishandling the case, and yet he still refers he to them as the place to go for answers. That’s called misprision of a felony, when you know that someone is committing a crime, like covering up the five anthrax murders. But you don’t do anything about it.

Maybe because you were involved.

Audio - Hicks and Hauer:

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Threats by Karl Rove: Ohio Election Attorney Cliff Arnebeck on Collins Radio show

Breaking > 12 20 08 > Michael Connell DEAD!

CBS News: Michael Connell was told NOT TO FLY
and that his plane may be SABOTAGED !

Ohio Attorney Cliff Arnebeck, who notified Attorney General Mukasey yesterday about threats made by Karl Rove against the GOP's high-tech guru, Mike Connell, as we reported last night, will join Peter B. Collins and me during my weekly Friday 5pm PT appearance on PBC's syndicated radio show.
The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

You'll be able to listen online at if his show is not aired in your town. And you may call in with questions and comments for Arnebeck or myself at 888-5-PeterB (or post them here, and I'll try to ask them). Hope you'll tune in!

POST-SHOW UPDATE: Arnebeck joined us for the first half-hour of the show and dropped a few interesting details during our discussion. Among them: 1) Bush can't pardon someone convicted under a civil RICO case, which is what Arnebeck is compiling. (Also, can't remember if it came up during the interview, but as some have suggested that Rove simply invoke Executive Privilege to avoid being deposed in this case, Exec Privilege does not come into play in such a case. It only refers to Congressional testimony.) 2) Connell had agreed to meet with the House Judiciary Comm. several months ago, but so far Judiciary hasn't followed up. 3) Arnebeck makes a tantalizing reference to the finding in the Paula Jones case that sitting Presidents may be deposed in civil cases. More detail on those points and others in the audio interview.BLOGGED BY Brad Friedman [Permalink
Download MP3 or listen online here...

Witness Protection After ROVE Threats ?

CBS News: Michael Connell was told NOT TO FLY
and that his plane may be SABOTAGED !

Breaking > 12 20 08 > Michael Connell DEAD!

Ohio Election Attorney Asks Attorney General For Witness Protection Of GOP IT Guru After Threats

Today Attorney Cliff Arnebeck, who last week filed papers seeking discovery and depositions from Karl Rove and others for election manipulation, wrote to Attorney General Mukasey asking for protection for GOP IT guru Michael
Connell and his wife Heather. Mr. Arnebeck stated that he had received credible
confidential information from various sources indicating that Rove and his henchmen
threatened Mr. and Mrs. Connell. In short, Rove et al, either directly or
indirectly, demanded that Connell take the fall for the election manipulation
or the Justice Department would target Mrs. Connell for some lobby related
money laundering.

Arnebeck, an officer of the federal court, took these threats seriously. First he reported this to the federal judge handling the case, the Ohio Attorney General and the United States Attorney in Columbus.

Next he wrote to Attorney General Michael Mukasey insisting on protection for the

The entire letter is set out below and more information is on The BRAD BLOG and on ePluribusMedia.

In a short interview with VR, Mr. Arnebeck stated that Rove et al “had just made things a lot worse for themselves. It is a federal crime to threaten a witness – they are engaging in obstruction of
justice, blackmail, suborning perjury, and intimidation. These charges
alone could land them in the penitentiary for a very long time.”

The complete, short email, sent from Arnebeck to AG Mukasey, follows in full below...

New VR Interview With Ohio Attorneys Who Have Targeted Rove

On July 17, VR sat down with the two Ohio attorneys who have filed to take targeted depositions of Karl Rove and others to expose their strategy of election fraud. The ten minute interview is a real eye opener because they talk about how they plan to
bring back the rule of law to this country and hold those accountable who have undermined
it over the past eight years. And they name names familiar to everyone—Jack Abramoff,
Bob Ney, Ken Blackwell, Grover Norquist, Michael Connell and others. This is a must see
video so watch it here.

7/18/08: VR Video Of The Ohio Press Conference Announcing The Civil Suit To Target Rove For Manipulating Elections

VR was present at the Ohio press conference yesterday and filmed it. We will be posting an edited clip for YouTube shortly but for all those who want to see it unedited, you can watch it here in eight segments for a total of one hour and two minutes.
We also have this available in high resolution for members of the press upon request.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7

Part 8

Ohio Attorneys Launch Targeted Discovery To Expose Election Manipulation By Karl Rove And Others

Yesterday, Ohio Attorney Cliff Arnebeck launched a new legal strategy to expose a national strategy of election manipulation directed by Karl Rove. The implications are stunning. Arnebeck has asked the
Ohio Federal Court to allow for targeted under oath depositions of key
individuals including Rove, Bush IT guru Michael Connell, Jack Abramoff, Ken
Blackwell and others. This will be the first opportunity ever to place
these individuals under oath.

Arnebeck indicated that he has amassed a great deal of information from various sources including whistleblowers implicating Rove. He wrote in yesterday’s court filing that the “suspected lead
perpetrator of this conspiracy against the civil rights of the plaintiffs and
against the rule of law in the United States is Karl Rove…. Rove’s politicization
of the Justice Department is currently being investigation by the US
House Judiciary Committee.”
See pdf.

Arnebeck also notified both Attorney General Mukasey and the Chamber of Commerce that he intends to “assert an Ohio Corrupt Practices Act/RICO claim against Mr. Karl Rove and others based upon their activities
beginning in 2000 to illegally use corporate treasury money and government
power to establish single faction dominance in the United States, military
dominance in the world and generally undermine the rule of law as it had
developed over the course of the past century.”

See pdf 2 and
Word doc.

VR was at the press conference and extensive coverage is here on our Election Protection Strike Force and on THE Brad Blog.
Raw Story has also covered this with new details on the possible manipulation of the 2002 Senate Max Cleland Senate race.
VR will have a complete video of the press conference up shortly.

7/16/08: Ohio Federal Election Lawsuit to be Re-Opened to Protect 2008 Election—Discovery to Include Karl Rove Emails

Today, Ohio attorney Cliff Arnebeck, lead attorney in the lawsuit over the 2004 Ohio election contest, issued the following press release.

“Counsel for plaintiffs in the federal King Lincoln Bronzeville v. Blackwell case will hold a press conference at 11 AM Thursday July 17, 2008 in the Mezzanine conference room of LeVeque Tower.

We are filing to lift the stay in the case in order to proceed with targeted discovery in order to help protect the integrity of the 2008 election. We also will be providing copies of document hold notices
to the US Chamber Institute for Legal Reform and the US Justice Department for
Karl Rove Emails from the White House.

Our new data security expert in the case, Stephen Spoonamore, one of the leading authorities on data security in the world, is planning to attend the conference and will provide some of his perspectives in this matter.

Representatives from one of our plaintiffs, League of Young Voters, will also be attending.

We look forward to seeing you there tomorrow.

Cliff Arnebeck, Attorney for the Plaintiffs”

Velvet Revolution will be covering the press conference and will have video shortly. Stay tuned for some very important information regarding the suit.

Anthrax letters LINKS Ivins Zack Detrick Justice Department FBI -From My DEC. 2001 PAGE

— Martin Luther King

Stories About Batelle Labs

Could The Anthrax Mailings Be Military-Industrial Espionage?
NEW LINKS ADDED 12-21-01 :

Could The Anthrax Mailings Be Military-Industrial Espionage?

On October 1, 2001-approximately two weeks prior to the first publicly announced anthrax mailing-FBI officials received an urgent warning from this author. Investigators were directed to consider certain pharmaceutical and/or military contractors as suspects in anthrax-related psychological operations (PSYOPs) and bio-terror-linked sabotage.

Near the time of this writing, some of my critical pronouncements have appeared in national news reports. On November 26, 2001, concerns regarding the Bayer Corporation's Cipro were featured by the Washington Times.(1) On December 2 and 3, 2001, the New York Times focused on U.S. military biological weapons contractors as the source of the anthrax-mailings.(2,3) This report relays additional evidence that these criminal offenses, classically called serial murders by the FBI, are best explained by a relatively new treasonous form of military-industrial sabotage. This conclusion is supported by the public access reports cited herein, and issued by scientific and military officials alike, as presented by the mainstream media. Amazingly, despite generally perceived limitations on freedom of the press, enough truths are still told today to allow determined investigators and journalists to piece little known facts together to reflect broad, sociopolitical criminal realities. The following report provides important background on the suspects implicated in the anthrax mailings. As with every official FBI investigation of suspects in serial slayings, a review of the developmental histories of chief suspects was conducted while considering military-industrial espionage as a possible motive for the crime of sending anthrax through the mail. From this knowledge, chief suspects were identified, and a determination of the sole source of the mailed anthrax was made. The evidence strongly suggests a conspiracy to commit sabotage and treason against America involving anthrax developers at the Battelle Memorial Institute, and agents within the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and/or national security system. more at:

Same Author as above, Horowitz ..
"Labels Battelle Memorial Chief Anthrax Mailings Suspect" 15.htm

Anthrax Mail Mystery Won’t Be Solved: F.B.I.’s Hands Tied From Above
Letter to FBI Director Mueller : Anthrax Mailings Possible Industrial Espionage 41.htm
Public Health Expert Says Solving The Anthrax Mailing Mystery May Be Easy: FBI Doesn't Seem Interested 52.htm

Who's Using Bio-Weapons In Afghanistan
Pakistan's News Telegraph recently reported :"The largest outbreak in history of a highly
contagious disease that causes patients to bleed to death from every orifice has been
confirmed on Pakistan's frontier with Afghanistan.
At least 75 people have caught the disease
so far and eight have died. An isolation ward surrounded by barbed wire has been established at the
Fatima Jinnah hospital in the Pakistani city of Quetta."

Anthrax warning went unheeded by U.S. agency 1.htm

CIA links Porton Down to anthrax attacks 2.htm

Once again: Government, Media silent on Right-Wing Role in US Anthrax Attacks 3.htm

One of the primary questions asked by any good journalist in response to any unexplained event is, “Who benefits?” 16.htm

October 14, 2001 Anthrax Inquiries Expand in Three States 53.htm

Secret US germ tests threat to treaty - from Roland Watson in Washington
9/5/01 - "The Pentagon has secretly built a germ factory capable of producing
enough deadly bacteria to kill millions of people, it was revealed
yesterday...One proposal awaiting final approval is to manufacture a more
potent version of anthrax using genetically engineered biological agents.",,3-2001305743,00.html

U.S. Germ Warfare Research Pushes Treaty Limits - 9/4/01 By The New York
Times - article reported on and written by Judith Miller, Stephen Engelberg
and William J. Broad. "the West Jefferson, Ohio, laboratory of the Battelle
Memorial Institute, a military contractor that has been selected to create
the genetically altered anthrax."

October 25, 2001 Government stumbles on security
Faltering start in handling anthrax scourge undermines efforts to make public feel safe

November 9, 2001 Experts See F.B.I. Missteps Hampering Anthrax Inquiry 32.htm

November 14, 2001 New Findings Point to Anthrax Letter to State Dept

Army confirms making anthrax in recent years Military laboratory in Utah says powder is all accounted for 26.htm

Anthrax Appears in the Midwest.

Anthrax found at CIA 7.htm

December 3, 2001 Terror Anthrax Linked to Type Made by U.S 44.htm

December 4 U.S. Says Thousands of Letters Might Be Tinged With Anthrax 43.htm

December 7 Anthrax Found in Federal Reserve 8.htm

Anthrax-Tainted Mail Found at Federal Reserve HQ

December 7 Fed Says Building Tests Negative for Anthrax 34.htm

December 13 Report: U.s. Army Has Anthrax Powder 46.htm

December 13 U.S. Army Has Anthrax Strain 47.htm

Capitol Hill Anthrax Not From CIA Lab - CIA 43.htm

Anthrax Inquiry Looks at U.S. Labs 9.htm

Anthrax Likely Came From U.S. Source anthrax10.htm

Anthrax probe hampered by FBI blunders Agents unprepared for complexities of case.anthrax12.htm

Anthrax was made in US, says White House anthrax13.htm

CIA links Porton Down to anthrax attacks 28.htm

Official: CIA uses anthrax, but no link to letters30.htm

Ex-Military Linked to Anthrax Mail 1.htm

Could the Anthrax Mailings Be Military-Industrial Espionage? 6.htm

Army confirms anthrax production in Utah December 12, 2001 17.htm

US Army Has Been Making Weapons-Grade Anthrax Since 1992 18.htm

Army Says Mailed Anthrax Not Linked to Its Program 19.htm

Army's Anthrax Material Surprises Some Experts 20.htm

Capitol Hill Anthrax Not From CIA Lab - CIA 21.htm

Spores Match Turns Up Possible Sources 25.htm

December 16 Genetic Anthrax Match Inconclusive 37.htm

U.S. Scientists Deplore Army's Silence on Anthrax Program 38.htm

lots more on >> U.S. Army Dugway Proving Ground 27.htm

MORE ON THE SPORES >> U.S. Made Terror Anthrax 86.htm


12-12-1 Top DNA Scientist Murdered Under Mysterious Circumstances a 87.htm

December 12, 2001 Scientist Found Slain In His Loudoun Home Peers Alarmed When He Missed Work . 88.htm

Dr. James R. Baker, inventor of the revolutionary disinfection protocol described above, and director of the new Center for Biologic Nanotechnolgy at the University of Michigan, is welcomed by those now concerned with the rash of “anthrax mail attacks” around the Nation.’s long-time close associates is also extremely good friends with “Tommy” Thompson, President Bush’s Cabinet Secretary in charge of Health and Human Services. 14.htm

Anthrax Good News For Irradiaters
In an article headlined "Anthrax attacks have bolstered consumer perceptions of food irradiation," the livestock industy website reports: "American consumers may be warming up to the idea of irradiation, according to a news survey by Porter Novelli. Apparently, news coverage of bioterrorist activity in the United States, combined with the well-publicized news about the use of irradiation technology to eradicate anthrax spores in potentially contaminated U.S. mail, has brought the benefits of this technology to the forefront in consumers' minds." Public Citizens has questioned claims made by SureBeam Corp. that their irradiation technology is able to kill anthrax spores, saying that SureBeams has no scientific evidence to support their claim. For more on this, see October 18, 2001, Spin of the Day. Source: the , November 9, 2001

Anthrax attacks' 'work of neo-Nazis' 6.htm

British media suspects anthrax attacks carried out by militant extreme-right groups

Charges dropped in anthrax case Larry Wayne Harris remained in jail because of a probation violation related to last week's arrest.

Harris, 46, is a microbiologist and a self-avowed white separatist who has written and spoken widely on the dangers of germ warfare. He and Nevada businessman William Leavitt Jr., 47, were arrested last Wednesday night on charges of possessing anthrax and conspiring to use it as a weapon.

November 8, 2001 Worker Who Died Suspected Anthrax Was Root of Illness 49.htm

Anthrax Deaths Tied ToCross-Contamination 15.htm

December 14, 2001 Senate Building Still an Anthrax Minefield 50.htm

Conn. Letter Has Spores Of Anthrax Finding Boosts Theory Woman Died After Getting Cross-Contaminated Mail 56.htm
December 3, 2001 Postal Center in Connecticut Shows Traces of Anthrax 58.htm
Probe Continues Into Connecticut Anthrax Death anthrax22.htm
December 1, 2001 Anthrax Found on Letter Near Victim's Home39.htm

December 14 Trace Anthrax Amounts Found in Senate 45.htm

December 4, 2001 U.S. Says Thousands of Letters Might Be Tinged With Anthrax 48.htm
October 30, 2001 Secret desert project on 51.htm


December 16, 2001 Anthrax Vaccine May Be Offered to Wider Group 40.htm

December 16, 200 U.S. may offer anthrax vaccine this week ,Antibiotics may not eliminate all germs . 42.htm

Anthrax Vaccine Mulled For Up to 3,000 Exposed 'Experimental' Use Likely to Be Controversial 54.htm

Thursday November 8 2001 32,000 Took Drugs to Prevent Anthrax 57.htm

October 14, 2001 Anthrax Threat Points to Limits in Health System anthrax55.htm

Read part one, Cipro – What You Don't Know Can Hurt You. Investigative Report: Cipro, Part 2 – A Monopoly at Any Cost

DECEMBER 18, 2001 Genetic match points to many sources 60.htm

DECEMBER 18, 2001 Anthrax suspect likely domestic
List of people with the know-how narrowed to 50 or fewer.

December 05 Experts: Quarantines Would Probably Backfire 62.htm

December 17 2001 Confusion deepens over government anthrax use 63.htm

December 17 2001 US suspends germ warfare talks 64.htm

November 26 Health Experts Release Smallpox Containment Plan 65.htm

December 4 American Medical Association : Info, Not Quarantine, Key to Bioterror Response. 67.htm

December 11, 2001 Lobbyists Seek Special Spin on Federal Bioterrorism Bill 68.htm

December 12, 2001 University labs inspected for bioterror risks. 66.htm

December 12, 2001 Md. police had terrorist in custody Baltimore mayor: He was freed because CIA didn’t alert cops 70.htm

December 14, 2001 Anthrax find at US embassy in Vienna. 69.htm

(anthrax and ) The Politics Of Terror And Mass Persuasion - By William Thomas

All Fall Down - The Politics Of Terror And Mass Persuasion
By William Thomas

"Nothing would be what it is. Because everything would be what it isn't.
And contrary-wise, what it is, it wouldn't be. And what it wouldn't be,
it would. You see?" -- Alice in Wonderland

10/31/2001 Model State Emergency Health Powers Act. 71.htm

November 30 U.S. Boosts Production of Smallpox Vaccine 79.htm

outstanding investigative reporting on immunizations and
vaccinations. People's lives are at stake and research is the only way to fully understand what's afoot:

American Society for Cell Biology Meeting, Biologists fight back 4.htm

12-4-1 Surgeon General Blasts CDC Labs
As A 'National Disgrace'

Vaccination The "Hidden" Facts 72.htm

Where the Anthrax came from/ update from National Security Archive. 84.htm

Forced Vaccination? When Pigs Fly! 24.htm

DECEMBER 16, 2001 A strange odor made about 20 security workers sick and delayed hundreds of airline passengers at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. 75.htm

December 04, 2001 Terror and Quarantine On the Streets of San Francisco 77.htm

December 8, 2001 An international conference on germ warfare disbanded in chaos and anger last night after the United States sought to cut off discussions about enforcing the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention. 78.htm

US Forces Suspension of Germ War Pact, EU Angry 80.htm

SEPTEMBER 05 2001 Secret US germ tests threat to treaty 14.htm

13 December 2001 US passes two bioterror bills 81.htm

12-8-1 US Secretly Tests First Genetically-Modified Insect 82.htm

Feds Seek 'Dictatorial Powers' on Health Care 89.htm

FAIR USE NOTICE: This site contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available in our efforts to advance understanding of environmental, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, and social justice issues, etc. We believe this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Ivins Anthrax Ivins Zack Detrick Justice Department FBI


play Michael Rivero on the Alex Jones Show - Aug 05 08 Anthrax case update

Anthrax widow's lawsuit blames US for death The widow of a tabloid photo editor who died in the 2001 anthrax attacks insisted in a $50 million federal lawsuit filed years ago that the U.S. government was ultimately responsible for his death.

Bruce Ivins: The Movie This passes muster in Hollywood, of course, since it embodies all the social prejudices so beloved by that temple of cultural corruption, yet in the real world one looks at it askance and wonders: are these guys kidding? Because this scenario has very little if anything to do with the known facts. The only connection the anthrax letters have to the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority is the fact that the New Jersey letters were mailed from a post office box not far from where the Princeton chapter keeps a storage locker. No kidding: that is the connection

FBI said to have stalked Ivins' family

efore killing himself last week, Army scientist Bruce Ivins told friends that government agents had stalked him and his family for months, offered his son $2.5 million to rat him out and tried to turn his hospitalized daughter against him with photographs of dead anthrax victims.

The pressure on Ivins was extreme, a high-risk strategy that has failed the FBI before. The government was determined to find the villain in the 2001 anthrax attacks; it was too many years without a solution to the case that shocked and terrified a post-9/11 nation.

Well, they have one, because the whole world knows that while the FBI pounded on Drs. Ayaad Asaad, Stephen Hatfill, Bruce Ivins, etc. they totally avoided the one man actually caught on the security system entering the lab where the anthrax used in the letters was kept, without authorization and after losing his job over a racially-motivated attack on the aforesaid Dr. Asaad.


"[Your information is] too precise, too complete to be believed. The questionnaire plus the other information you brought spell out in detail exactly where, when, how, and by whom we are to be attacked. If anything, it sounds like a trap."

FBI response to the top British spy, Dusko Popov (code named "Tricycle") on August 10, 1941, dismissing Popov's report of the complete Japanese plan for the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Pearl Harbor: The Verdict Of History by Gordon Prange, appendix 7 published in 1986. Based on records from the JOINT CONGRESSIONAL COMMITTEE on the Investigation of the Pearl Harbor Attack, Nov 15, 1945 to May 31, 1946.

Anthrax Attacks — Assassin Nation

After 9/11 and before the passage of the Patriot Act a month later, our great national terror was the anthrax attacks waged against the mainstream media and Congress. Democratic Senators Daschle and Leahy, both targeted, had been well positioned to oppose the Patriot Act on constitutional grounds, and perhaps lead their party to do the same. The anthrax attacks changed all that, putting Bush and Cheney in total control.

Colonel Anderson Refutes False Allegations Against Dr. Ivins Anderson's role as the person in charge of "Conduct[ing] inquiries and investigations upon receipt of allegations of scientific misconduct or improper researcher behavior" and of "Investigat[ing] issues arising during conduct of studies" is therefore important. He was an appropriate person for Ivins to speak to about his anthrax tests (admittedly, protocol required Ivins to tell others as well; but the fact that Ivins told Anderson shows good faith and a lack of guilty conscience on Ivins' part).

FLASHBACK - Lawyer: Anthrax Probe MD Reeling Agents descended on the Wellsville, N.Y., home of Dr. Kenneth Berry on Aug. 5, as well as his parents' New Jersey shore summer home, for searches described by an FBI spokesman as part of the anthrax investigation. Berry has not been charged.

WRH Webmaster's Commentary:

Yet another suspect in the anthrax case.

And yet the FBI refuses to investigate the one man actually caught entering the lab where the anthrax used in the letters was kept, without authorization and after losing his job over a racially-motivated attack on an Egyptian co-worker.

FLASHBACK - Iraq, Anthrax, and the Hawks

It didn't take long for the hawks to seize on the anthrax scare as a justification for the United States to go bomb Iraq.

"By far the likeliest supplier is Saddam Hussein," The Wall Street Journal wrote in an editorial on Oct. 18.

PNAC/Neocons Pressured FBI To Blame AL Qaeda For Anthrax

Every time the corporate media pins anything on Bush/Cheney, just substitute PNAC/Neocon for their named culprit. Bush and Cheney are Neocons and Cheney was part of PNAC so it is 100% correct, in fact it is more correct because it includes all of the criminals.

The Patsy - Was Bruce Ivins the anthrax killer?

In what seems very similar to the coordinated series of "leaks" that pinned the blame on Steven J. Hatfill, a former bio-warfare scientist recently awarded nearly $6 million in recompense and effectively exonerated, the effort to posthumously demonize Ivins has blanketed the "mainstream" media.

Like porn? You must be the anthrax killer...

Other articles go into details about Ivins use of an anonymous PO box in which he received bondage porn (I won't even bother linking to those). Why this is important, I don't know. Did the sorority get Anthrax letters? No. Did any former or current members get anthrax letters? No. And could officials place Ivins at the scene of the mailings? No. But for some reason this is what the Feds are leaking to the press. You have to wonder why that is.

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Remember back in the JFK assassination, there was a claim that Lee Oswald ordered the rifle by mail and had it delivered to a PO box in the name of his supposed alias A. Hidell. Given that Oswald could have bought a gun without any ID at any Texas gun store, the creation and use of the mailbox appears to be part of the frame-up. Given how easily porn is obtained over the internet for free, one has to wonder why anyone would set up a PO box and pay for porn to be sent there ... unless it is a part of the frame job to help destroy Ivins' public image.

Questions about the Anthrax Suspect and His Interactions with Mental Health Professionals

Why would a top bioterror expert go to a fresh-out-of-school sociologist, a group addiction counselor, as opposed to an experience psychiatrist or psychologist? Why would he talk about homicidal tendencies in a group counseling session, as opposed to a private session?

Doubts about anthrax story

Survivors of the 2001 anthrax attacks and relatives of those killed by the deadly powder said yesterday that they want a full accounting from the FBI of its investigation to date, and they are not yet convinced that Bruce Ivins, the government scientist who killed himself last week, was responsible.

Bruce Ivins Wasn't the Anthrax Culprit

The FBI has not officially released information on why it focused on Ivins, and whether he was about to be charged or arrested. And when the FBI does release this information, we should all remember that the case needs to be firmly based on solid information that would conclusively prove that a lone scientist could make such a sophisticated product.

From what we know so far, Bruce Ivins, although potentially a brilliant scientist, was not that man.

An Anthrax tip...

I have been a close friend of Dr. Bruce Ivins for years. The FBI needed a scapegoat, especially after Stephen Hatfill, whose foot the FBI ran over, won a $5.2 M lawsuit against them.

The new FBI director needed a capture in this case. So, they took all of the Ft. Detrick anthrax researchers and put them under intense interrogation.

"Whole Load Of Crap"-Larisa Alexandrovna Has Low Down On "Therapist" To The Anthrax Suspect

Okay, well the more research I do into the now infamous Ms. Jean C. Duley - the "therapist" who filed a restraining order against the alleged anthrax attacks suspect Bruce E. Ivins - the more her story sounds like a whole load of crap.

Mounting questions over US anthrax probe and scientist’s alleged suicide

One week after an Army germ warfare scientist apparently committed suicide, there are mounting questions over the government’s handling of the investigation into the 2001 anthrax attacks and expressions of skepticism regarding the sensationalized media coverage of the past four days.

Ivins is the Third Scientist the FBI has Tried to Pin the Anthrax Attacks On

Ivins is the third scientist who the government has accused of being the Anthrax killer.

First the Egyptian scientist, Dr. Ayaad Assaad, was framed.

When that frame-up fell apart, they tried to frame Stephen Hatfill.

Now, a couple of weeks after the frame-up against Hatfill unravelled, they are claiming that Ivins is the guy.

FLASHBACK - The FBI Anthrax Attacks Cover-Up

The FBI should just shut the hell up, because every time they come out with another of these lame stories, it just hammers home the point that there is a cover-up in this case.


So, good old Admiral Crowe and his fellow investors in BioPort are set to make a bundle off of the Anthrax scare. Especially when market demand pushes the price of the product high up above the contracted for $3.50 an ounce. And who are those fellow investors? Well, another part of BioPort is owned by the Carlyle Group. That's George H. W. Bush's current occupation.

The Anthrax Attack Was a Classic False Flag Operation Targeting Arabs

Would Arab terrorists have targeted only Congress men who were likely to oppose the Patriot Act and other tyrannical measures? Would they have gotten that specific in their targeting? In order to terrorize America as a whole, wouldn't real Arab terrorists have sent anthrax to the Congressional leaders of both parties, regardless of their political postures towards particular legislation?

Officials: Sorority obsession seen in anthrax case

The top suspect in the 2001 anthrax attacks was obsessed with a sorority that sat less than 100 yards away from a New Jersey mailbox where the toxin-laced letters were sent, authorities said Monday.

WRH Webmaster's Commentary:

But if you read further in, they admit that they cannot place Ivins in Princeton on the day the anthrax letters were actually mailed.

The smear goes on, with the usual anonymous sources, the "therepist" who actually is only a substance abuse counselor (with a history of DUIs), and gag orders on all the actual witnesses.

‘Suicide’ of Anthrax Scientist–Another Mossad Frame Up?

The last week of July, all across America could be heard an almost audible sigh of relief as headlines blared the news on the hour every hour that ‘he’ had finally been caught, the ‘he’ in this case being the infamous bioterrorist (unknown and unnamed up to this point) who sent deadly anthrax through the US mail system a mere week after the attacks of 9/11, leading to the deaths of 5.

The Patsy Was Bruce Ivins the anthrax killer?

In what seems very similar to the coordinated series of "leaks" that pinned the blame on Steven J. Hatfill, a former bio-warfare scientist recently awarded nearly $6 million in recompense and effectively exonerated, the effort to posthumously demonize Ivins has blanketed the "mainstream" media.

Jean C. Duley... tell us again...

Okay, well the more research I do into the now infamous Ms. Jean C. Duley - the "therapist" who filed a restraining order against the alleged anthrax attacks suspect Bruce E. Ivins - the more her story sounds like a whole load of crap.

Anthrax Evidence Is Called Circumstantial

The evidence amassed by F.B.I. investigators against Dr. Bruce E. Ivins, the Army scientist who killed himself last week after learning that he was likely to be charged in the anthrax letter attacks of 2001, was largely circumstantial, and a grand jury in Washington was planning to hear several more weeks of testimony before issuing an indictment, a person who has been briefed on the investigation said on Sunday.

Jean C Duley: So the guy threatening her is dead but now she's hiding out.

FBI was told to blame Anthrax scare on Al Qaeda by White House officials

In the immediate aftermath of the 2001 anthrax attacks, White House officials repeatedly pressed FBI Director Robert Mueller to prove it was a second-wave assault by Al Qaeda...


Search the Maryland Courts Database

WRH Webmaster's Commentary:

It has been reported that the woman who swore out the legal complaint against suicided scientist Bruce Ivins, Jean C. Duley, is 45 years old.

It has also been reported that the "C" stands for "Carol".

After agreeing to the terms, fill in Jean Carol Duley for the name and search all records. You will find 7 cases for driving under the influence. The year of birth is correct for a 45 year old woman.

If this is indeed the same Jean C. Duley who set up Bruce Ivins, it goes a long way to explaining just why her specialty is counseling addicts, and why she might need a few favors from higher up to keep her driver's license! After all, Maryland has a "three strikes" law for drunk driving.


Dr. Bruce E. Ivins, a biodefense researcher at
Fort Detrick, Maryland, and his attorney, Paul F. Kemp, were actually negotiating a plea bargain with elements of the U.S. Justice Department that would have led to the indictment of former Fort Detrick laboratory scientist, dual ISRAELI-U.S. citizen, Dr. Philip M. Zackerie aka Dr. Zack, for sending the anthrax letters that led to the death of numerous people post 9/11.


Therapist: Anthrax suspect tried to poison people

Duley said Ivins' scheduled release from the hospital on the day of the hearing prompted her to seek the protective order.

WRH Webmaster's Commentary:

Obviously, if Ivins was scheduled to be released, then the mental hospital did not see him as dangeorus either to himself or to others.

We need to find out more about Duley. She seems the social workers' answer to Gerald Posner.

Suspect in 5 anthrax-letter deaths kills himself

Social worker Jean C. Duley filed handwritten court documents last week saying she was preparing to testify before a grand jury. She said Ivins would be charged with five capital murders.

"Client has a history dating to his graduate days of homicidal threats, plans and actions towards therapist," Duley said, adding that his psychiatrist had described him as homicidal and sociopathic.

WRH Webmaster's Commentary:

Okay, here is the obvious question. If this guy was such an obvious nutcase going back to his college days, how did he get a security clearance to work with biological weapons?

I mean, when I got my first security clearance to work at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory I got raked over the coals over the fact that my father had been born in Shanghai, China! and I wasn't working with biological weapons.

It is this Jean C. Duley (who has only known Ivins a few months) who had him committed.

This reeks of a government smear job to convict this guy in the media and take the heat off of Philip Zack and the cover-up.

And if you are interested, here is a prior example of how the FBI will smear people it wishes to destroy.

Doubts arise on FBI anthrax suspect

Yet colleagues and friends of the vaccine specialist remained convinced he was innocent. They contended that he had neither the motive nor the means to create the lethal powder that was sent by mail to news outlets and congressional offices in 2001. Mindful of previous FBI mistakes in fingering others in the case, many are sceptical that the FBI has it right this time.

WRH Webmaster's Commentary:

... or investigation of the real suspect, the man actually caught on the security system entering the lab where the strain of anthrax used in the letters was kept, WITHOUT proper authorization and after being fired from his job over a racially motivated attack on an Egyptian co-worker.

Anthrax Suspect Was Involuntarily Committed to Psychiatric Hospital Shortly Before His Death

WaPo: Purported 'Anthrax Killer' Had 'No Access to Dry, Powered Anthrax,' According to Expert, Lab Officials

Scientists Question FBI Probe On Anthrax

The FBI eventually focused on Ivins, whom federal prosecutors were planning to indict when he committed suicide last week. In interviews yesterday, knowledgeable officials asserted that Ivins had the skills and access to equipment needed to turn anthrax bacteria into an ultra-fine powder that could be used as a lethal weapon. Court documents and tapes also reveal a therapist's deep concern that Ivins, 62, was homicidal and obsessed with the notion of revenge.

WRH Webmaster's Commentary:

Meanwhile, the FBI continues to ignore (protect) a real suspect, the man actually caught on the security system entering the lab where the strain of anthrax used in the letters was kept, WITHOUT proper authorization and after being fired from his job over a racially motivated attack on an Egyptian co-worker.

Anthrax suspect would have gotten vaccine royalties

Bruce E. Ivins, the government biodefense scientist linked to the deadly anthrax mailings of 2001, stood to gain financially from massive federal spending in the fear-filled aftermath of those killings, the Los Angeles Times has learned.

WRH Webmaster's Commentary:

This is a classic propaganda smear. If you read the article all the way through, you find out that the deal fell apart. Nor are Ivin's co-inventors, the ones who would actually now be GETTING the money from the deal, named!

The press is really trying to hard sell this guy as the villain, and this article illustrates how desperate they are to do it.

Attorneys for Bruce Ivins Respond to Client’s Suicide

For more than a year, we have been privileged to represent Dr. Bruce Ivins during the investigation of the anthrax deaths of September and October of 2001. For six years, Dr. Ivins fully cooperated with that investigation, assisting the government in every way that was asked of him. He was a world-renowned and highly decorated scientist who served his country for over 33 years with the Department of the Army. We are saddened by his death, and disappointed that we will not have the opportunity to defend his good name and reputation in a court of law.