Saturday, April 11, 2009

April 15 Tax Day Protests - a message from the Campaign for Liberty

From the Desk of John Tate
President, Campaign for Liberty

Dear Friend of Liberty:

Tax Day is coming. Fortunately, our sister organization, Young Americans for Liberty (YAL), is mobilizing the young people to get involved and speak out next week. I want to share with you this update from YAL, because the work they are doing is vital to the future of liberty.

April 9, 2009

Dear Friend of Liberty,

Americans are taking to the streets next week on April 15, Tax Day!

Over 450 tax protests will occur across the country sending a loud and clear message – no more taxes, bailouts, and government spending!

Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) is no exception. YAL is setting the campuses ablaze (check out the YAL at University of Wisconsin video at the very bottom of this email).

As you probably already know, young people will bear the greatest burden from these reckless government policies and the accumulating national debt.

Fortunately, the next generation is waking up. The message of liberty is alive on campus.

Twenty Five YAL chapters have confirmed their participation to protest on campus next week. Students will hand out literature, recruit new members, and engage the media. Our generation will not take this government intrusion sitting still!!!

Therefore, I am asking for you to help equip our young activists. Please support Young Americans for Liberty today with a secure online donation of $50 or more.

For your support, not only will you cultivate the hearts and minds of the next generation, but I will also mail you a copy of the second issue of Young American Revolution, our youth magazine covering the nationwide protest, when it publishes next month.

To entice you further, I am including the artwork of Young American Revolution, issue #2, in this email. Have a look! It is stunning!

The issue goes to the printer next week, so please act now and donate.

Also, for the first time, you can download a full electronic copy of the first issue of Young American Revolution as a PDF for free. I think you will be very impressed with the articles.

As you read it, please understand we can only continue publishing this magazine with your support. That is why, once again, I am asking for your contribution to the youth movement for liberty with a $50 or more contribution.

Your donation goes directly to the education and training of the next generation. Young Americans for Liberty is the only Ron Paul-endorsed youth organization leading the campus uprising against socialism from the Democrats… and Republicans.

Trust me; the campuses are coming alive for liberty right now. You and I can foster a true revolution of ideas. Help us send a resounding message on April 15th and for decades to come. Please give what you can today.

For liberty,

Jeff Frazee
Executive Director, YAL

P.S. – Please play a part in advancing liberty on campus. Young Americans for Liberty chapters are protesting taxes, bailouts, and government spending on April 15th. Can they count on you for support with a $50 or more donation? If you donate now, I will mail you a copy of Young American Revolution when it publishes early next month.

YAL is lighting the campuses on fire for liberty. Take a look at the YAL Chapter of Wisconsin at Madison. They are preparing for a big day next week.