Monday, April 6, 2009

MPAA Enjoys Another Year of Record Profits

Says nevermind however, that “it’s nothing to apologize for” and that it’s important we don’t “give second-class citizenship to creative jobs.”

MPAA head Dan Glickman routinely tells anyone that’ll listen that Hollywood needs protection, that profits are being robbed of it by heartless pirates and that more, much more, needs to be done fight illegal file-sharing.

Why just the other day it was reported that the MPAA was working with ISPs to begin targeting broadband subscribers accused of repeatedly downloading movies illegally and that a plan could be announced as early as this month.

“Our efforts are focused on educating consumers who receive infringement notifications for illegal downloading about where to find high-quality, legitimate content on the internet and on effective ways to deal with repeat infringers,” the MPAA said in a statement.

Now comes the kicker.

The MPAA enjoyed another, yes another, consecutive year of record breaking box office ticket sales. That’s two in a row for those keeping score at home. This year is also already on track to set another record with the domestic box office already up 17.5% in the first 10 weeks alone! Overseas ticket sales are also up.

But, rather than admit it’s doing well and that it’s not nearly in the dire straits it so often pretends to be it instead says it’s time to protect “creative jobs” so that they’re not reduced to “second-class citizenship.”

Say what?

“When folks talk about how well the box office is doing, it’s nothing to apologize for,” Glickman said. “It’s not just in our interest, but the national interest to have constructive policies that protect intellectual property and that don’t give second-class citizenship to creative jobs, but rather encourage the economic growth we can deliver. Whether we build cars or make movies shouldn’t matter. What matters is getting folks back to work and
reviving our economy.”

So the MPAA is basically saying ignore the fact that it’s making money hand over first and focus on the need for busting people preventing it from making even more money and breaking even more records in the process.

Even more hypocritical is that he also stresses that the “…best approach to the international economic crisis is to keep markets open and to allow consumers to make choices about what products and services they want to buy – not to not to impose government barriers to the free flow of commerce.”

Hmm, so the MPAA only wants govt barriers when it suits its needs?

The fact that the MPAA again earned record profits ought to remind people, and lawmakers especially, that the MPAA is a business lobbying group concerned only with business and that everything it says ought to be judged accordingly.