Tuesday, September 8, 2009

G-2O PROTEST Security Pittsburg News 09 08 09

1000 Pa. State Troopers For G-20 Security

Downtown Residents May Need ID During G-20

2,000 from National Guard could bolster G-20 security - Activist calls combat troops overreaction

FBI And EMA Officials Hold Secret Meeting Focusing On G-20 Summit

Secret Service announces first phase of G-20 security closings
announced the first phase of G-20 closings that will occur near the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Downtown Pittsburgh. A secure restricted zone will be set up in an area near the convention center

Police look to London for lessons on G-20
As they prepare to host the next G-20, Pittsburgh police officials are looking closely at what happened in London and at similar gatherings, such as the meeting of the World Trade Organization in Seattle in 1999.

Utility companies taking precautions for G-20 summit
DHS predicts cyber attacks will be used as a common weapon by “left wing extreme groups” ...

Protest groups decry G-20 mask safety legislation

State troopers train for Pittsburgh G20

ACLU praises Pittsburgh's G20 efforts
says the city of Pittsburgh is doing a good job of accommodating Group of 20 summit protesters.

Pittsburgh firms seek private security during G-20
Several Pittsburgh companies are hiring private security firms to secure their offices during the Group of 20 summit later this month.

FAA Posts G-20 Flight Restrictions

Anti-Flag and State Radio have announced plans for a performance designed to "confront the G20