Tuesday, September 8, 2009

FBI And EMA Officials Hold Secret Meeting Focusing On G-20 Summit

FBI And EMA Officials Hold Secret Meeting Focusing On G-20 Summit

OHIO COUNTY -- The upcoming G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh is the focus of a big meeting today in Ohio County. FBI Officials and others met today to disucss how local agencies can help out when it comes to securing Pittsburgh, which is set to get major national attention.

Emergency Management Agency officials from all over the northern panhandle and other parts of the state met at the EMA Headquarters in Wheeling today to hear how they may be used if needed in case of any emergency in the steel city.

When 7 News cameras showed up the sign clearly read Homeland Security meeting no admittance! But after hanging out for a while...one by one EMA Directors filed out of the secret meeting saying little about their involvement.

But 7 News learned the main focus of the meeting centered on the upcoming G-20 summit in Pittsburgh that will bring leaders from around the world into our region...

Lou Vargo who is with the Ohio County EMA office says anytime there's a major event whether it's a disaster or a planned event like the G-20 summit...we like to have a preliminary meeting just to coordinate of all the agencies at the federal, state, and local level.

The event is expected to draw world wide attention and concerns demonstrations could get out of hand... While security will be unprecedented in the city we've learned they're looking to areas like West Virginia for possible help...

7 News Reporter Dave Elias will be in Pittsburgh covering the G-20 Summit for us. Stick with 7 News for more on this developing story.

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