Thursday, August 20, 2009


Ohio can't stop EMTs working as executioners

AFGHANISTAN: Karzai and Warlords Mount Massive Vote Fraud Scheme

Surprise! CDC says that dead and paralyzed 8 year old girls is GREAT!!!!!!!!!

Gardasil Researcher Speaks Out

Twitter to show whereabouts of tweeters

Chris Geo - New World Order 2009 Mix

Roger Waters exposing the Israeli/Palestine Wall

9/11 Building 7 - Controversial Dance Track Out by SO OUT THERE

Afghan journalists ignore ban on reporting election violence

Gamer: Mind-control technology allows humans to control the actions others

Barney Frank Town Hall meeting in Dartmouth MA- I was there! Read my letter.... - 12.160Mhz

Cases of swine flu higher among Boston's blacks, Hispanics - The Boston Globe

Top Sweden newspaper says Israel Military kills Palestinians for their organs : conspiracy

'Uh-Oh They're Here': Persistent blogger winds up in jail for monitoring police

Ky. Office Of Homeland Security Will Feature ‘Eyes & Ears’ At State Fair

Semi-Truth about HPV Death Vaccine hitting MSM!

Cops confess to sniper attacks terrorizing Knoxville Tennessee

Climate sceptics like Nazi appeasers: Rees

Adjuvant may stretch swine flu vaccine supply - FiercePharma Manufacturing

Pittsburgh May Deny Permits For G20 Protesters

Point. Click. Kill: Inside The Air Force's Frantic Unmanned Reinvention

La Raza Members Admit Their Plan To Take Over America

They admit they’re “taking over America” and that they want to “kick us out”…. Is this really what you want?

MSNBC Edit Video of Man With Rifle at Obama Event to Hide His Race
"Here you have a man of color in the presidency and white people showing up with guns strapped to their waists or to their legs.
MSNBC: Gun-Toting Protesters are 'White' Racists... Black Guy with AR-15 Edited to Conceal his Race.

Chavez Says The USA Toppled The Honduran President; Zelaya Taken To A U.S. Air Base

“Afghan drug trafficking brings US $50 billion a year”

Ridge says Bush Administration pushed to raise terror alert for re-election

Nearly 90% of U.S. money has traces of cocaine

Americans are being set up

New Jersey Curfew: Legitimate action or test for more cities to follow suit?

Nazi Arrests at 2008 DNC exposed in lawsuit!

Police Reject Candidate for Being Too Intelligent


Poll: Most Americans Not Concerned About Swine Flu -

Even if Swine Flu Comes Back, It's Unlikely to Be Highly Lethal | The Stimulist

NPR laments the Ron Paul crazies with (shudder) guns | Ron Paul Wins! | Campaign for Liberty at the Daily Paul

lol : YouTube - Obama Speaks 911 Truth for a Real Change

YouTube - Michael Savage - March 4, 2009 - New World Order Agenda Exposed!!! Listen Carefully......

Government Permission Will Be Required to Travel

YouTube - Obama Poster Contest Memphis Entry

New Government Swine Flu Document Reveals Plans For Mass Graves (U.K.) | Ron Paul Wins! | Campaign for Liberty at the Daily Paul

Fabled Enemies & The Obama Deception available for downloading in high quality.

WHISTLEBLOWER: Arms expert warns new mind drugs eyed by military

Report: CIA hired Blackwater contractors for secret hit squad

gun owners of america was on MSNBC with Chris Matthews

The Fifty Top U.S. War Criminals Who Need To Be Prosecuted

Disillusioned FBI Launches Nationwide Hunt For Some Kind Of Truth

WHAT REALLY HAPPENED | The History The US Government HOPES You Never Learn!

New Zealand government apologizes for incarcerating 9/11 truth journalist

Homeland Security cop arrests man for filming FBI building in NYC

National Guard Bureau: Putting the National Guard directly under DoD

MSNBC falsifying video to push racist Obama protests story

Vaccination Education :: Downloads & Videos

Bio Watch : CDC: "Never-before-seen mixture of swine, human and avian viruses Outbreak" - 12.160Mhz

Olbermann Spins Viper Militia Story to Demonize Patriots and Open Carry

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*Russian Hijacked ship had nukes! Brzezinski Nuke False Flag now possible!!!

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Survival Books (Free Downloads) GARDENING, WILD FORAGING AND SELF SUFFICIENCY - 12.160Mhz

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