Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Axelrod Blagojevich Obama Jackson Senate Seat

Obama's Blagojevich Gate -
Lying / Cover-up Even Before Taking Office!!

Video: Scarborough pushes close relationship between Obama, Axelrod, Blagojevic, and Rahm Emanuel (1-3)

Obama met with Governor Rod Blagojevich in Early November 2008

David Axelrod admits that Obama talked about appointment to his vacated Senate Seat!

Axelrod Denies Barack Obama Met With Rod Blagojevich- Here is the Cache of the now missing article

Obama calls for Illinois governor to resign - Wink Wink, I'll Pardon Ya later...Just be quiet !

Chicago reporter suggests Rahm Emanuel may have ‘tipped’ off federal investigators about Blagojevich.

Raw Video: Gov. Blagojevich Heads Back Into Work - AP (Note the yawn)

Jesse Jackson Jr named as man who tried to 'buy' Obama's seat

When FBI Called, Governor ( Blagojevich) Asked: 'Is This A Joke?'