Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Alex Jones mp3 Radio Show download December 2008

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Sunday December 06, 2008.

Listen to the Sunday Edition of Alex's nationally syndicated broadcast, a round-up of the week past and the one ahead. On today's show, Alex talks with Kurt Nimmo, Infowars editor and journalist, who discusses the latest revelations in the Mumbai terrorism case.

---Story Headline & link---
Arrest Provides More Evidence India, Israel, and the U.S. Behind Mumbai Attacks

Hour-1: News and Kurt Nimmo

Hour-2: News and open lines
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Monday December 08, 2008.

Alex talks with Samuel R. Damewood of the Appleseed Project, dedicated to training riflemen in the tradition of American Liberty. Other guests include Betty Martini, founder of the worldwide volunteer force, Mission Possible International, which is committed to removing the deadly chemical aspartame from our food, and YouTube video producer John Watkins, AKA NufffRespect, who has confronted YouTube censorship and dirty tricks with counters and honors.

Hour-1: News and Paul Watson

Hour-2: Samuel Damewood

Hour-3: Samuel Damewood then Betty Martini

Hour-4: Betty Martini then NufffRespect

Tuesday December 09, 2008.

Alex's special guest is former Pakistan ISI head Hamid Gul. who told CNN that the Mumbai attacks and 9/11 were inside jobs. Other guests include Greg Pound, the Florida father who had his children kidnapped by the Department of Children and Families, and Salt Lake City attorney Jesse Trentadue who is investigating his brother's death at a federal prison four months after the Murrah Building was destroyed in Oklahoma City.

Hour-1: General Hamid Gul

Hour-2: Paul Watson then Greg Pound and Bruce Bendt

Hour-3: Greg Pound and Bruce Bendt then Jesse Trentadue

Hour-4: Jesse Trentadue

Greg Pound's website is


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