Monday, September 21, 2009

Protesters Organize As G-20 Looms

Protesters Organize in Greenfield As G-20 Looms

Posted: 5:20 pm EDT September 21, 2009Updated: 6:36 pm EDT September 21, 2009

A big movement has begun in a small storefront in Greenfield as one group of G-20 protesters mobilizes to get their message out.

VIDEO:Pittsburgh Protesters Organize Resistance

“People have been followed here to this space by unmarked police cars,” said Noah Williams of the Pittsburgh G-20 Resistance Project. “People’s houses have been staked out by cars full of police, but they haven’t come up to take interviews.”The space houses the group and provides a public space to hold meetings, make signs, have trainings and to come together to discuss issues surrounding the G-20 summit this week in Pittsburgh.Members of the Pittsburgh G-20 Resistance Project spent Monday painting signs boldly displaying their messages of protest.“We object all forms of oppression and repression and the dominance of the world by a capitalist economy," said Williams. “We are a group of Pittsburghers that came together when the G-20 was announced to put together a frame work to have a voice to resist and disrupt the G-20 because we think it’s bad for Pittsburgh and for the world.” Copyright 2009 by