Thursday, September 24, 2009

Military attempts to frame Alex Jones' reporters for terrorism at G-20

Jason Douglass, Rob Dew, Jason Bermas
September 23, 2009

Editor’s Note: This is a rush report to protect our reporters on the ground. It is an integration of multiple first person accounts from Jason Douglass, Rob Dew and Jason Bermas. Paul Watson, at, posted a link to DefenseLink stating that more than 2,000 Army, Air Force and National Guard troops were massing at a National Guard refueling station in the suburb of Pittsburgh in preparation for riot control. So we did what any news company would do– we sent our reporters to the base to request to speak to their press spokesperson. The following secret police oppression then occurred. Infowars reporter Jason Douglass gave Alex Jones in Austin, Texas the phone number that the agent called his cell phone from. Alex called the number and discovered that it was the Allegheny County Sheriff’s Department in Pennsylvania. A man who would only identify himself as Officer Wateska admitted to that he had posed as an Alamo rental car representative and offered Jason Douglass two free days of rental if he would trade the car in. The Infowars crew would then have been taken into custody by a Joint-Terrorism Task Force. The officer also confirmed that Jason Douglass’ name and Driver’s License information taken from the rental car company computers was being forwarded into the suspected terrorists database, and that it was being investigated as a potential case of terrorist activity. Officer Wateska went on to say that the Army had filed a report with them stating that Infowars crew members had refused to provide information to Army personnel and had “fled the scene”– that is a complete lie.

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