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Current News/Events

Find breaking news, current events, the latest headlines, news photos, & opinions on top stories.

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Protests and Activism

Social, Political, Justice, Peace, Oppression, Environmental, Poverty, and Rascism are some of the issues posted here.

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9-11 Truth Movement

The collective name of loosely affiliated organizations and individuals who question the mainstream interpretation of the September 11th.

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Population Control and Eugenics

Articles and Videos about the different methods of coerced population control through forced abortions, sterilizations, genocide and AIDS.

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12.160 Multimedia Empire

Employment and Freelance opportunities for members of the 12.160 MHz Social Network.

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History and Sciences

Marked by a chain of advances in technology and knowledge that have always complemented each other.

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Religions and Occultism

Examining the religions and the practices of the occult by the elite group controlling the planet.

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Conspiracy Theories

Any theory which explains a historical or current event as the result of a secret plot by the NWO

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Crackpot Theories

Historical scientific theories which were discredited, then adopted by crackpots and mangled beyond recognition.

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Audio and Video

Listen to streaming music, radio shows, talkradio, shortwave and other media.

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Survivalism and Gardening

Preparing for the general collapse of society, resulting from the unavailability of electricity, fuel, food, and water.

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New World Order

Powerful and secretive group of globalists conspiring to eventually rule the world through a one world government.

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General Mayhem

A place to chill, relax, tell jokes, and be silly. Basically a place for our 12.160 members to do whatever they want! All welcome.

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