Saturday, March 7, 2009

Copy N' Paste News March 07 2009

Barack Obama may subject US troops to International Criminal Court

U.S. Intelligence Caution Local Authorities For Attacks On Sporting Events

Red Light Camera Tickets Defeated In California

Obama Administration Defends Yoo

Morgellons: Expert Says Awareness and Early Treatment are Paramount

Rahm Emanuel tracks Obama, Biden and senior staff like cattle

Murder of 9/11 Widow Beverly Eckert v assassination of JFK Jr, Barbara Olson,

Declassified Docs: Bush has power to order airstrikes on US civilian structures

7/7 Documentary maker arrested for extradition to UK

North Carolina has obstacles to any 10th amendment resolution.....

NSA joining social network for intelligence analysts

Under surveillance: police target environmental protesters and journalists

Bayer: neonicotinoid pesticides cause mass bee death

Navy plans to take over Oregon coast airspace for military ops

Major Constitution Party Activities And Events

Federal Reserve Transparency Act - HR 1207 - Proposed Legis by Ron Paul

ALERT: NORTHCOM Conference on 03/11/09 Prep to defend NWO banking elite

FAA confirms data breach; 45,000 affected

Supreme Court Says President Can Detain People Without Charge