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RDR: Looking at the swine flu vaccine with a skeptical eye

RDR: Looking at the swine flu vaccine with a skeptical eye

By - July 24, 2009 11:23 AM

By Andrew W. Griffin

Red Dirt Report, editor

Posted: July 24, 2009

OKLAHOMA CITY – The lead headline in today’s edition of The Oklahoman said it all : “State kids to get shot at swine flu vaccine.”

Yes, that swine flu. The one designated last month as a pandemic by the World Health Organization.

Anyway, reading the story, written by Oklahoman staff writer Vallery Brown, readers are told that up to 200 Oklahoma children between the ages of 3 and 8 will be encouraged to enroll in the swine flu (H1N1) vaccine trials.

These tests – which in effect use children as guinea pigs for this largely untested vaccine – will be conducted at IPS Research in Oklahoma City, the first Oklahoma company to be involved in the swine flu vaccine trials.

The medical director for IPS Research, Dr. Louise Thurman, said they will begin enrolling “patients” on August 17.

“From a science standpoint, it should work,” Thurman told The Oklahoman.

But then it explains that the trials will include up to 12,000 children nationwide with adult trials expected to follow.

The tone of The Oklahoman story is that with flu season rapidly approaching in the autumn, there is a rush to get these vaccines ready and available to be administered to the public.

Quoting Don Blose, chief of immunization services for the Oklahoma Health Department, Blose said the H1N1 strain “spreads more quickly than other influenzas and more than half of the reported cases have been in children.”

So, who will allow their children to be used to test these vaccines? We know that 200 people in Oklahoma and 40,000 nationwide have been sickened by swine flu. Celebrities, including Rupert Grint, who plays the Ron Weasley character in the Harry Potter movies contracted H1N1 and has successfully recovered. Nevertheless, only 263 people, many with compromised immune systems, have died, far less than the thousands that succumb to the regular seasonal flu each year.

But this is going to be rammed down the throats of the American public. There is already talk of have at-home “interventions” in the near future where government officials knock on your door and will try to persuade people to “take the shot.”

And who will benefit from these vaccines that some consider very dangerous to human health? Naturally, the drug manufacturers, like the sloppy operators of Baxter in Illinois and others like GlaxoSmithKline. Just check out this Reuters article headlined "Companies reaping the swine flu windfall."

In a July 17, 2009 article on, headlined “Swine flu vaccine fast-tracked to September?” health news reporter Daniel J. DeNoon noted that the National Biodefense Safety Board (NBSB), which answers to Health and Human Service Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, recommended fast-tracking the new swine flu vaccines to be ready in time for the start of school.

And who is on the National Biodefense Safety Board? A list of “experts” from universities, pharmaceutical companies and medical groups, although they are not specifically listed. Non-voting members of NBSB include “representatives of the White House, the DHHS, national security agencies, the FDA and – believe it or not – NASA.

Already, the DHHS and the US Government are pledging $8.5 billion towards these swine flu vaccinations.

In an MSNBC interview with Sebelius and CDC Director Dr. Thomas Frieden, the host talks to them live from a government-sponsored “swine flu summit” that included DHS, Department of Education, NIH, FDA, CDC and others, that, jokes the host, is “enough to get a conspiracy theorist salivating.”

Sebelius and CDC Director Dr. Thomas Frieden calmly talk about “keeping kids safe and secure” and “looking at a vaccine that might be targeted to school-age kids.”

The government can’t wait to jab the kids with these vaccines.

“We’re hopeful by mid-to-late fall have the first doses of vaccines available,” Frieden tells MSNBC.

Back to the article, DeNoon writes: “Getting swine flu vaccine by September means skipping all but the most preliminary clinical tests of vaccine safety and effectiveness.”

Between 60 and 80 million doses could be ready by mid-September, notes the reporter.

This is where the young “guinea pigs” come in. The tests start August 17, right before the start of school in many areas. And while the swine flu has ebbed in the United States, a “second wave” is expected within six weeks, therefore the hasty push to get the vaccines tested and out there.

Back to DeNoon’s WebMD article. In it, he writes that “initial does likely will go to those most severely hit by the pandemic so far: infants, toddlers, school-age children, pregnant women, and adults with risk factors for severe flu disease.”

DeNoon does ask Dr. Andrew Pavia, at the University of Utah, why the government should deploy a vaccine that “hasn’t completed safety and efficacy testing?”

Pavia replies by saying “Because we already have a lot of experience with similar vaccines” and notes that pandemic swine flu is a type A, H1N1 flu virus and that the regular seasonal flu vaccine and this new vaccine “is made exactly the same way.”

But then it gets worse. The article says that officials will guess at the best dose of vaccine. The question remains whether one or two doses will be effective. This, you must remember, to be injected into small children with developing brains and bodies.

And recall back in 1976 when the last swine flu swept the nation. Back then, the government wanted everyone to get vaccinated and for many who took the questionable vaccine at that time developed a rare side effect called Guillain-Barre syndrome., a paralyzing neuromuscular disorder.

And what to expect for those who do take the swine flu vaccine?

And, as reporter Paul Joseph Watson reports today, “the swine flu vaccine includes squalene, a dangerous adjuvant that contributed to Gulf War Syndrome cases.” Watson notes that those given the vaccine will face “debilitating lifelong diseases far more deadly than the swine flu virus itself for thousands of children if a mass vaccination campaign is conducted.”

And not surprisingly, the government has given vaccine makers legal immunity from lawsuits filed by people who may be injured or killed as a result of side effects from the vaccine. Consider that, when you or your child accepts the swine flu vaccine.

Red Dirt Report and Oklahoma Watchdog, a new investigative news website, will be looking more into the swine flu vaccine program.

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