Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Fatal police shooting to cost Oakland $650,000

Al Gore ironically likens fight against climate change to battle with Nazis

UN expert fears climate deal at risk

Banned 60 Minutes Show: Swine Flu 1976 & Propaganda

Hu quits G8 amid Xinjiang unrest

WeAreChangeLA delivers scientific proof of 9/11 TREASON to members of Congress and other D.C. players

Goldman May Lose Millions From Ex-Employee's Alleged Software Code Theft

Man SWAT Teamed for having too long of grass

UK weapons inspector David Kelly who was found dead was writing expose: paper

UK Cops to step up use of phone and net records

2,500 Israeli Settlements Approved By US: Israeli Newspaper

True Unemployment Rate Already at 20%

How the FBI and 9/11 Commission Suppressed Key Evidence of pilot FLT: AA77

yuk British scientists claim to create human sperm

Ireland is the TESTING ground! New law being rushed through : Shocking!

awaii Hospital Won't Back Obama Birth Claim

Dear Activist

Obama's Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, gets owned by Chip Reid and Helen Thomas

Bill Gives Attorney General Power To Designate Gun Owners, Tax Protesters As Terrorists

Unemployment Worse with Stimulus than Without


Pope Calls for New Financial Order With ‘Real Teeth’ (Update1

9/11 Truth Invades Cincinnati Fourth of July Parade

Americans continue to arm themselves

Cynthia McKinney and the Kidnapping of the Spirit of Humanity

Barack Obama urges Russia not to interfere in neighbouring states

The Fog Of Robert McNamara

Obama Administation Wants to Keep Detaniees Locked Up Even if They Are Found Innocent

"Ron Paul—always an enemy of regulation—is now an enemy of Obama" From REUTERS 7-2-09

Nafta Superhighway Returns From The Dead

July 4th Fireworks Banned To Prevent Global Warming

Courage To Resist

Jury for the Ed and Elaine Browns' trial to be selected . They face 11 felonies from their standoff . If found guilty, they face virtual life sentences for their crimes

CIA Crucified captive in Abu Ghraib Prison

In a Coup in Honduras, Ghosts of Past U.S. Policies

'There Is No Way I Will Deploy to Afghanistan' -- Seeds of Dissent in the U.S. Military Are Growing

The FEMA Blogger Camps are not a Wi-Fi Zone

Israel's Act Of Piracy

PBS - FRONTLINE - "Breaking the Bank" - worth watching, just click on the link

Oath Keepers Declaration of Orders We Will NOT Obey

The Big Whorehouse On The Potomac

Obama: The Emperor's Seven Signing Statements

Murdoch CEO Labels Bloggers “Political Extremists”

Former Marine Claims Illness From Mystery Vaccine

Pennsylvania Passes Legislation to Ban Forced Chip Implants

Men taking aid to Gaza, Activists aim to promote peace in the Middle East

Taibbi: NYSE ends transparency to protect Goldman Sachs

Plant disease hits eastern US veggies early, hard