Monday, June 29, 2009

Campaign for Liberty staffer Steve Bierfeldt is taking his own brave stand for his liberties

Dear Friend of Liberty,

Every day, Campaign for Liberty fights government tyranny in defense of freedom.

But right now one C4L staffer is taking his own brave stand for his liberties.

You may remember Steve Bierfeldt's story. A few months ago he went through a harrowing ordeal at the St. Louis Airport.

He was unconstitutionally searched, held against his rights, verbally harassed -- and he recorded the whole thing on his cellular phone.

Steve’s bravery in defense of his rights made him a cult celebrity in liberty circles.

And now his heroism is going mainstream.

You see, Steve has filed a lawsuit against the TSA, and CNN recently picked up the story.

Click here to watch the segment on The Situation Room.

Steve is an inspiration to every freedom-loving patriot, and a reminder that there are victories to be won every day in the fight for liberty.

And don’t forget, Steve is not just doing this for himself; his brave stand protects the rights of each and every one of us.

Here is a link to Steve’s C4L blog post where he posted the video. Please take a moment to leave a comment or word of encouragement.

Let him know that in his fight for freedom, he doesn’t stand alone.

In Liberty,

John Tate