Friday, April 24, 2009

April 28 National Day of Action for HR1207

3:30pm at Pat Tiberi's Office, 3000 Corporate Exchange Dr.Suite 310, Ohio 43231

This is a nationwide day of action being organized by the Campaign for Liberty. We just got word of this so need to act fast, but it is urgent because things are moving much faster than anyone anticipated with HR1207.

We will be organizing in every district in Ohio a time on April 28 where we will go down to our local Congressman's office, deliver petitions we have signed for HR1209, and show our support for an Audit of the Federal Reserve. More details coming soon about the specific locations, times, and organizers for each district.

Plan to post the details for every district meeting on the OFA forum and on the Campaign for Liberty site.

For now please collect as many petition signatures as possible! This is the petition you should be using.