Thursday, February 19, 2009


Massachusetts may consider a mileage charge

Criminalizing dissent? RNC protesters face felony terrorism charges

Bank for International Settlements Confesses to Gold Price Suppression Scheme

Wisconsin Boy's Essay Leads to Dad's Child-Abuse Charge

BOOM! & Bust! Videos: Dubai-- Crown Jewel Becoming World's Largest Ghost Town?

Cyromazine Pesticide breaks down into Melamine - allowed by EPA

Mexican Police abandon their post

Man who introduced Obama yesterday has ties to CHENEY/Halliburton

Take Action! Prevent the National Animal ID System

Russian TV Personality Leontyev calls George Soros a bitch for War Provocation

Citi Director Hernandez to Keep Plane, Helicopter Usage, Office

Israeli Firm Sells UAVs To Mexico

Putin goes after Russias most powerful Oligarch (Rothschild Callaborator)

Guardsmen to conduct urban training at Arcadia in April

Russian Parliament holds hearings on Afghanistan / Heroin Addiction Epidemic

US Fraud Claim Sparks Bank Panic Runs

Police Pain Beam To Single Out Crowded Protestors

Farmers Under Attack: Your Action Needed Today!

China probes "mystery" kidney stones in children
Mexico Spins Toward 'Civil War'

Cousin of 9/11 hijacker caught spying for Israel

The Library of Congress - The Thomas Jefferson Papers 1606-1827

Emerging Concern of Genetic Risks of Invitro Fertilization

British Pubs Ordered To Install Big Brother CCTV Cameras Or Risk Losing Licences

Former Canadian PM: Give Up SaveOurSovereignty To Make The World Work

Experts Warn of "Terminator"-Style Military-Robot Rebellion - Fox News

Europe Flooded With Cocaine Causing Prices To Plunge, UN Warns

DARPA seeks self-aware AI robot mega-tanks

Bank of England Unanimously Asks For Authority to Create Money

Judge: Feds Can Access Americans Swiss Accounts

Iowa National Guard to hold gun confiscation "drill"

C-SPAN Says This Domain Must Be Shut Down!

UCLA Professors Predict Where Bin Laden Is Hiding

ACORN To Kick Off National Civil Disobedience Campaign In Support Of Families...

VIDEO: RFID "Spy Chips" Marketed In Georgia (Doctor's Say Causes TUMORS!)