Tuesday, February 24, 2009

copy and paste news 2 24 09

44 Republicans introduce bill to remove the income tax!

Alex Jones mentioned in wired news article

another interesting story about cell phones on planes

AP gives Obama ANOTHER golden halo!!!

Arrest Made in Home Foreclosure Civil Disobedience Program

BBC Bilderberg Report (AUDIO)

Corrupted Judge In'Jailing Kids For Cash' Scandal

Echelon - And there is finally a movie about it.

Economist Warns Switzerland Could Go Broke

Family Living in Missouri Cave Puts Home on eBay

FBI, Police Rescue Child Prostitutes Around U.S.

Foster carers not told if babies are HIV positive !

GA Rep. Bobby Franklin vs. the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta!!!

Get shot at Mcdonalds and no workers comp

Hamas Claims Google Earth Led Spy War

INDIA: Doctors Charged With Homicide for Infecting Patients With Dirty Needles

Jobless, Restless China: 20 Million And Growing

Judge: Feds Can Access Americans Swiss Accounts

Kucinich: Who Told SEC to "Stand Down" on Stanford Probe?

Lawmaker Warns Of Obama's Plan For 'Forced Servitude (AJ Mentioned in Article)

Mexico Hell - Video

Mexico's Shrinking Families: Government Birth-control Campaigns One Cause

Montanan Action Alert! Sovereignty Bill Help Today!

NEWS VIDEO: Experts Warn Of Robot Rebellion

NEWS VIDEO: Scientists Say They're On The Verge Of Universal Flu Vaccine

NH state Senator who sponsored HCR 6 - arrested for DWI - resigns.

NYTimes breaks down 8.8 Trillion Dollar Bailout in chart


Pope warns on new eugenics based on beauty

Russia Says It Will Respond To Any Attempts To Militarize The Arctic

Russians: Mosquito Survives in Outer Space

Salon.com Feb 22nd Article = Militia Demonization Psy-op

Strange Green Comet Passing by Earth Next Week

Swiss to vote on controls that would end tradition of keeping army guns

Tennessee Sovereignty Resolution Passed!

U.S. Secretly Training Pakistani Commandos

UK man charged over 'terroist' Email

UK man released from Guantanamo

Up to 120,000 People March in Dublin's National Protest

US Weapons 'Misused in Gaza'