Friday, November 28, 2008

Paul Joseph Watson Alex Jones Mp3 download Radio Show Mumbai India Nov 28 11-28-08

November 28, 2008

Paul Joseph Watson on the Alex Jones Radio Show
India Terrorist Attacks

Paul Joseph Watson Alex Jones Mp3 download 11-28-08.mp3

Paul Joseph Watson


Paul Joseph Watson (pictured) is 26 years old and lives in Sheffield, England. Global Matrix Enterprises, his business, incorporates Propaganda Matrix.

Paul Joseph Watson's Propaganda Matrix started in mid-2001 as a political newsletter and has since emerged as one of the leading alternative news websites on the Internet.

Watson's debut book, Order Out of Chaos was published in the Summer of 2003. Many peers in the field consider this to be the most well researched and credibly sourced book of its kind ever written.

Watson has appeared on numerous worldwide radio shows and in many magazines, including Vanity Fair. Watson has appeared on Coast to Coast AM - America's biggest late night talk show with an estimated 20 million listeners and The James Whale Show on TalkSport, the UK's largest commercial radio station. Watson's work has been featured on hundreds of other websites both large and small.

Watson is also the webmaster for radio host, actor and documentary film maker Alex Jones' Prison and Prison

Tons of Info on the India Terrorist Attacks Here.

British men were among the terrorists who killed 140 in the attacks in Mumbai


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