Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I voted by paper ballot here in Cols, 43205. The "ballot" box was handmade with a slit put in to a bottom of a regular type cardboard box.

It had NO SEAL on it what so ever.

I asked about it and the lead worker told me, "Well we were in a rush". He ended up putting a twisty tie like thing on the box and said "ok its sealed". Outrageous. I called the Sec St, and Franklin County B of E and reported it. They took my name and contact info and was told by both entities that they would call me back.

Guess what neither did.

The employees were clueless, untrained, except for one guy who had to help the rest out with every single step. There was no privacy for the people using the machines, the room, in the Columbus "Douglas" school was cramped, loud and just a mess.

I for one am pissed off!