Sunday, March 2, 2008

UN chief calls Israeli force in Gaza 'excessive'

UN chief calls Israeli force in Gaza 'excessive'

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon condemned Israel for "excessive and disproportionate" use of force in the Gaza Strip after Israeli military strikes in the territory on Saturday killed 54 more people, nearly half of them civilians.

Sex-Changing Chemicals Make Male Starlings Sing Sweet Songs

Buffett defends sovereign wealth funds

By Francesco Guerrera and Justin Baer in New York

Published: February 29 2008 23:10 | Last updated: March 1 2008 01:15

Warren Buffett has hit out at rising US opposition to investments by sovereign wealth funds, saying their recent buying spree was a function of misguided trade policies and not “some nefarious plot by foreign governments”.

In his closely-watched annual letter to shareholders, the 77-year-old billionaire investor revealed he had chosen four unnamed candidates to replace him as chief investment officer of Berkshire Hathaway, his conglomerate, when he dies or steps down. Berkshire has a $140bn pool of investments.

US Plan Widens Role in Training Pakistani Forces

Bush Nominates Three to Empty Privacy Board

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