Saturday, October 18, 2008

F'd Up ... News

23 students in Omaha were suspended for wearing t-shirts that memorialized a friend of theirs who was shot to death. The shirts were sold to help raise money to buy a headstone.

GOP Controlled Voting Machines Switch Obama Votes To McCain

For believers in the two party system: "Few men desire liberty; most men wish only for a just master." -Sallust, circa 50 BC

TSA at Boston's Logan Airport (one of the 9/11 departure airports) didn't notice a passenger with *pistols and shotguns* in his luggage and let him on a plane to the Middle East - *twice*

So You're Living in a Police State? - Steven Colbert

Madonna suggests “Sin Tax” on Excessive New York City Bank Fees

In Hard Times for Humans, Hardships for Pets, Too

Terrorists Attack US consulate in Mexico on Columbus Day Holiday! Did you see THIS on the mainstream media?

Hedge-fund manager who quit after posting an 870 % annual gain, said farewell and thanks to stupid clients for making him rich.

Response to 9/11 was 'huge overreaction' - ex-MI5 chief

Voters say they were duped into registering as Republicans (Why: Pay $7-$12 per name)

Protesters blame Barney Frank D-MA for crisis (Are they allowed to do that before a big election?)

TSA agent steals $200K worth of gear - Resells it on eBay -

Passports will be needed to buy mobile phones - Times Online

Hate You Can Believe In: ACORN Deluged with Threatening and Racist Voicemails and Emails

Pennsylvania GOP goes to court over ACORN

Al-Qaeda Web Forums Abruptly Taken Offline

Analyst Fired For Saying Greed Is Bad

A Global Government Would Be Funded By A Global Financial System

Germans reach for communism as market crumbles.

AFP: Worldwide Currency System to be Presented to the U.S. by EU Leaders found only one Republican -- former Press Secretary Scott McClellan -- who would preview W. and comment on its accuracy. And even he was sqeamish.

Attack on Iran Off the Table ?? by Ray-McGovern

Cindy McCain Continued To Have Business Dealings With Charles Keating Even After The Keating 5 Scandal That Involved John McCain

Labeling teenagers as sex offenders for taking pictures of themselves? Are they trying to expand the definition of "sex offender" until it becomes meaningless?

Adam Kokesh speech at the Ron Paul rally - amazing

My 12 yr old daughter is facing expulsion from school for a year for something she wrote in her private journal.

In Baton Rouge, La., the public school system has found students hoarding their free and reduced-price lunches so they can bring them home and have something to eat at night

Huge protest in Baghdad against US troops, the media will wash it away

Secret Service taps On Lufkin, Tx. Woman's Door

H5N1 vaccine was safe and so they tested it on 120 children ages 2 to 9

300 homeless People were lied to over vaccine test -they were told it was the flu shot, not the bird flu shot.

Psychological techniques used by Government and Media to control the populace

"A must read!"

Don't stop to help women on the street - you might get arrested

Bush to the left of me - Chavez

We the Sheeple Fest - The Two Party War Machine Censors Dissent -

Jack Blood Cindy Sheehan, Cynthia McKinney and were prohibited from speaking at WTP Fest in Los Angeles

Student Arrested For Terroristic Threatening Says Incident A Misunderstanding

Bill Maher on Larry King on being accused of trickery

Telco immunity faces first court challenge

F.B.I. Struggles to Handle Wave of Financial Fraud Cases

Financial Crisis - A Gigantic Armed Robbery. That's What It Really Is.

The President Is Not a King / Bankole Thompson interviews Daniel Ellsberg

Presidential Handlers - From the Spartan