Thursday, August 7, 2008

Witness Protection After ROVE Threats ?

CBS News: Michael Connell was told NOT TO FLY
and that his plane may be SABOTAGED !

Breaking > 12 20 08 > Michael Connell DEAD!

Ohio Election Attorney Asks Attorney General For Witness Protection Of GOP IT Guru After Threats

Today Attorney Cliff Arnebeck, who last week filed papers seeking discovery and depositions from Karl Rove and others for election manipulation, wrote to Attorney General Mukasey asking for protection for GOP IT guru Michael
Connell and his wife Heather. Mr. Arnebeck stated that he had received credible
confidential information from various sources indicating that Rove and his henchmen
threatened Mr. and Mrs. Connell. In short, Rove et al, either directly or
indirectly, demanded that Connell take the fall for the election manipulation
or the Justice Department would target Mrs. Connell for some lobby related
money laundering.

Arnebeck, an officer of the federal court, took these threats seriously. First he reported this to the federal judge handling the case, the Ohio Attorney General and the United States Attorney in Columbus.

Next he wrote to Attorney General Michael Mukasey insisting on protection for the

The entire letter is set out below and more information is on The BRAD BLOG and on ePluribusMedia.

In a short interview with VR, Mr. Arnebeck stated that Rove et al “had just made things a lot worse for themselves. It is a federal crime to threaten a witness – they are engaging in obstruction of
justice, blackmail, suborning perjury, and intimidation. These charges
alone could land them in the penitentiary for a very long time.”

The complete, short email, sent from Arnebeck to AG Mukasey, follows in full below...

New VR Interview With Ohio Attorneys Who Have Targeted Rove

On July 17, VR sat down with the two Ohio attorneys who have filed to take targeted depositions of Karl Rove and others to expose their strategy of election fraud. The ten minute interview is a real eye opener because they talk about how they plan to
bring back the rule of law to this country and hold those accountable who have undermined
it over the past eight years. And they name names familiar to everyone—Jack Abramoff,
Bob Ney, Ken Blackwell, Grover Norquist, Michael Connell and others. This is a must see
video so watch it here.

7/18/08: VR Video Of The Ohio Press Conference Announcing The Civil Suit To Target Rove For Manipulating Elections

VR was present at the Ohio press conference yesterday and filmed it. We will be posting an edited clip for YouTube shortly but for all those who want to see it unedited, you can watch it here in eight segments for a total of one hour and two minutes.
We also have this available in high resolution for members of the press upon request.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7

Part 8

Ohio Attorneys Launch Targeted Discovery To Expose Election Manipulation By Karl Rove And Others

Yesterday, Ohio Attorney Cliff Arnebeck launched a new legal strategy to expose a national strategy of election manipulation directed by Karl Rove. The implications are stunning. Arnebeck has asked the
Ohio Federal Court to allow for targeted under oath depositions of key
individuals including Rove, Bush IT guru Michael Connell, Jack Abramoff, Ken
Blackwell and others. This will be the first opportunity ever to place
these individuals under oath.

Arnebeck indicated that he has amassed a great deal of information from various sources including whistleblowers implicating Rove. He wrote in yesterday’s court filing that the “suspected lead
perpetrator of this conspiracy against the civil rights of the plaintiffs and
against the rule of law in the United States is Karl Rove…. Rove’s politicization
of the Justice Department is currently being investigation by the US
House Judiciary Committee.”
See pdf.

Arnebeck also notified both Attorney General Mukasey and the Chamber of Commerce that he intends to “assert an Ohio Corrupt Practices Act/RICO claim against Mr. Karl Rove and others based upon their activities
beginning in 2000 to illegally use corporate treasury money and government
power to establish single faction dominance in the United States, military
dominance in the world and generally undermine the rule of law as it had
developed over the course of the past century.”

See pdf 2 and
Word doc.

VR was at the press conference and extensive coverage is here on our Election Protection Strike Force and on THE Brad Blog.
Raw Story has also covered this with new details on the possible manipulation of the 2002 Senate Max Cleland Senate race.
VR will have a complete video of the press conference up shortly.

7/16/08: Ohio Federal Election Lawsuit to be Re-Opened to Protect 2008 Election—Discovery to Include Karl Rove Emails

Today, Ohio attorney Cliff Arnebeck, lead attorney in the lawsuit over the 2004 Ohio election contest, issued the following press release.

“Counsel for plaintiffs in the federal King Lincoln Bronzeville v. Blackwell case will hold a press conference at 11 AM Thursday July 17, 2008 in the Mezzanine conference room of LeVeque Tower.

We are filing to lift the stay in the case in order to proceed with targeted discovery in order to help protect the integrity of the 2008 election. We also will be providing copies of document hold notices
to the US Chamber Institute for Legal Reform and the US Justice Department for
Karl Rove Emails from the White House.

Our new data security expert in the case, Stephen Spoonamore, one of the leading authorities on data security in the world, is planning to attend the conference and will provide some of his perspectives in this matter.

Representatives from one of our plaintiffs, League of Young Voters, will also be attending.

We look forward to seeing you there tomorrow.

Cliff Arnebeck, Attorney for the Plaintiffs”

Velvet Revolution will be covering the press conference and will have video shortly. Stay tuned for some very important information regarding the suit.