Wednesday, July 9, 2008

New Video, Rainbow Gathering Wyoming Forest service/ Police Clash


If you were a witness to the incident, the Wyoming ACLU would like to
talk to you SOON. Their contact info is on their website:

Please also post your testimony here too,

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ACLU, is OK, but we need back ups!
or email me (adap2k AT gmail. com) ...Thanks, James

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I was witness to the pepper bullet incident at Kid Village and I am
still outraged!!!!! The man they arrested was smoking out the kitchens
and was caught with a considerable amount of pot. I agree it was poor
judgement to "hide out" at Kiddie Village when you're being followed
by the feds, but Kiddie Village is (or suppose to be) a sanctuary. I
watched a group of federal thugs invade a kitchen where there are
women and children and brutally exercised their authority by firing
their weapons into the crowd.
The cops were awful this year and I'm just glad their irresponsible
actions didn't cause violence against them to flare up.
We need to ban the L.E.O. from the gatherings fore the sake of our


I have detailed what I witnessed and have have provided links to the
information that I have found about the July 3, 2008 encounter with
LEO's in kiddie village on my blog.
If you have located any additional video of that event on the web I
encourage you to post the links there.




Police Violence at the Wyoming Rainbow Gathering - firsthand account

MORE testimony @


Anonymous said...

Tune in to We the People Radio Network, the Rule of Law show with Deborah Stevens,, this Thursday (7/10/08) at 8 p.m. CST. She will be discussing this incident and how they intend to proceed in bringing the LEO's to justice. Deborah was at the Rainbow Gathering so she has some very valuable insight into this incident. Tune in - it's a great show!

More video:

main meadow 4th of July afternoon

Videos from deesdotes


Jeff Bender said...

This is all a bullshit story made up by the police. I was there when this happened. The police fired shots at a safe haven for kids called Kiddy Village. They first tried to arrest a woman for no reason. When she resisted, the police tackled her. That is when us Rainbows started calling for help, and the police fired on us with pepper spray filled paintballs. The police then fired shots and hit a child, before turning to fire upon another man carrying a child on his back. The man went down and the child fell. How the police turned this around to say that we were throwing rocks at them is astonishing when I personally witnessed no rocks or sticks being thrown. However I did see armed police officers firing at unarmed citizens.

MIchael said...

Bullshit is right!!! I was at the time of the incident in the main meadow, gathering with the family. All of the sudden people start yelling FIRE FIRE so me and many others raced toward kiddy village with buckets in hand. The fire we saw however was that of complete chaos. Forest Rangers were firing a wave of pepper spray paintballs into a crowd of helpless women and children. Never once where there any sticks or rocks thrown at the rangers the entire time this occured. slowly we pushed them back away from kiddy village, away from the children and families; all the while taking a senseless and painful beating. Both myself and my dog were shot repeatedly during this peace push to protect the FAMILY.This incident was really the only one to occur for the last three weeks of the RAINBOW and was provoked by these "Peace Officers". But as it stands it is an issue of controling what they just can't and racist values tained into our federal employees. We are too different and therefore a threat. I was shot ten times, six of which were in the back. Where is the truth? Justice for Rainbow!!! HTML

Anonymous said...

Yes..there was a response force of 60 confirmed armed officers with dogs and riot gear that stormed the gathering. Then suspiciously 3 EXPERTLY placed confirmed arson forest fires started amid all of this chaos, far from easy to get to. I participated in extinguishing the fires and personally think the incidents are related becuase of the timing and level of precision in placement..The fires were being doused by barefoot hippys that had to run through a mile of steep hills and deep, dangerous bogs and requiring scaling a barbed wire fence with 5 gallon bucket fulls of water just as darkness set in. The few of us that could respond got very lucky a FULL evac didn't happen...

More Police State Doings at the "Rainbow Gathering"

Daisy said... Hey adap2k, so glad you are okay!

Please come over and comment when you get a chance, all my love to you!

Rainbow Tribe attacked at annual Gathering of the Tribe

OneHeart said...

Tazers and rubber bullets for pacifists. This is how we celebrate Independence Day? With thugs bullying hippies?

America is dead.

George W.armonger said...

REVOLUTION is the Solution!!!

"God forbid we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion.... And what country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not warned from time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms.... The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." - Thomas Jefferson, in letter to William S. Smith, 1787

Anonymous said...

Those who give up essential liberties for temporary security deserve neither. And now the thugs attack pacifists ?

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