Sunday, April 20, 2008

TV News: Pimping for the Pentagon!
s it a still a conspiracy theory when the entire plot is exposed on the front page of the Sunday NY Times? Today's story blows the lid off the myth that television is an any way fair and balanced, in any way trustworthy, and in any way real news.

9-11 Citizen Study Publication in a Peer-reviewed Civil Engineering Journal!
Finally! After submitting a half-dozen papers to established peer-reviewed technical journals over a period of nearly a year, we have two papers which have passed peer-review and have been accepted for publication. One of these was published TODAY! In science, we say that we have "published in the literature," a major step in a nascent line of scientific inquiry.

Cancer victim's invention could kill tumours

Who Killed Martin Luther King?
In 1977 the family of Martin Luther King engaged an attorney and friend, Dr. William Pepper, to investigate a suspicion they had. They no longer believed that James Earl Ray was the killer. For their peace of mind, for an accurate record of history, and out of a sense of justice they conducted a two decade long investigation. The evidence they uncovered was put before a jury in Memphis, TN, in November 1999. 70 witnesses testified under oath, 4,000 pages of transcripts described the evidence, much of it new. It took the jury 59 minutes to come back with their decision that Loyd Jowers, owner of Jim's Grill, had participated in a conspiracy to kill King, a conspiracy that included J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI, Richard Helms and the CIA, the military, the Memphis Police Department (MPD), and organized crime. That verdict exonerated James Earl Ray who had already died in prison.

Sometimes your friends end up duct-taped and suicided
I know what you mean but there have been so many things going on in America too that we never talk about. The Churches of sympathizing Palestinian Christians are burned down without any outcry and barely a mention in the news. Any American churches that sympathize with them are demonized. Before 911 Muslim networks in the US shut down to more easily perpetuate that fraud that Muslims did it as the 5 dancing Israelis who filmed the destruction of the towers gleefully told the arresting officers "We are not your problem. Your problems are our problems. The Palestinians are the problem."

Suicide by duct-tape? But we're not utter fools. I just hope the shockwaves are channeled into a more constructive fight instead of fear that shuts people up even more. You're so right about "simply arrogant with the idea that there is little we can do". I'm determined to fight that even more now. Riad has a daughter who lives not too far away from me. I can't imagine what she's going through. I weep for his daughter and his family.

Email tells delegates to applaud -- and stay out of politics at RNC convention

An email, called a "National Delegate Self-Nomination Form," sent to some 7th District GOP delegates warns them that they shouldn't expect much of a role or influence at the convention.

Supporters of GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul -- who won six of 12 delegate slots to the GOP national convention at Fourth, Fifth and Sixth District conventions in early April -- think the email was directed at them.

Everything You Need to Know About Hillary Clinton + Links