Saturday, April 5, 2008

Sick Joke

They blogged about its doom across the web,
they chatted about it in the chat rooms.

It was a sick joke. Now Gone in 11 months of operation.

If one investor,
(and consider yourselves one Franklin County and
City of Columbus residents)

would have asked experts on the web site
if Sky Bus had a chance, they would have known this
outcome before it happened. The industry experts and the
business man all had many, many reasons why this company
would fail.

Point one from an amateur is :

Did the fuel cost issues with airlines just happen?
Of course not, who did not see that as the sign of
eventual doom ?

I am sorry to say, we been had. Your tax dollars,
your jobs were part of a planned folly. Our city has
been embarrassed nationwide.

I also question who had the most gain?

Who made the most money from this corporate caper?

Startup incentives

In an effort to attract the airline to the city, as well as support its growth

early on, the city of Columbus, along with the

Columbus Regional Airport Authority, had offered incentives totaling over $57 million.

These incentives included a twelve-year tax credit, promised airport improvements,

business loans, and marketing support. Most of the incentives were performance-based,

which required Skybus to create 1000 jobs and complete other milestones to receive the incentives.[33] Incentives such as airport improvements, however, were already completed. When Skybus began operations, they took advantage of $11 million of improvements to their gates in Concourse B at Port Columbus.

Skybus, ATA and Aloha Airlines have stopped flying
in the past week


Another carrier bites the dust – this time, it’s
Skybus Airlines
Published: April 5th, 2008 01:00 AM
Low-cost carrier Skybus Airlines is shutting down today and
plans to file for bankruptcy
protection next week, becoming the latest of the nation’s airlines
to fail because of rising fuel costs and a slowing economy.

The financial situation of the airline, which announced the

shutdown Friday, has worsened,

said Skybus spokesman Bob Tenenbaum.

The shutdown on Friday of Columbus-based Skybus Airlines,
founded by South Charleston native John Weikle,
might spell doom for Jet America,
the low-cost startup
Weikle planned to launch at Charleston's Yeager Airport next
year.Weikle's Skybus ceases operations

Travel insurance of no use to Skybus ticket holders

Skybus Airlines passengers who paid for trip insurance
when booking tickets arestuck paying out of pocket for
the cost of getting home

Talk about getting it wrong
Analyst: Skybus strategy not flawed
Greensboro News Record, NC - Mar 31, 2008
By Richard M. Barron GREENSBORO — Skybus Airlines
is not alone in its struggle with high fuel prices, but older airlines
may have an advantage in weathering ..

Skybus shutdown leaves dance team stranded
By Danny Hooley, staff writer The North Carolina State University
Dance Team is in crisis mode, thanks to the shutdown of Skybus Airlines. ...

Columbus Dispatch
Passengers stuck on one-way trips
Columbus Dispatch, OH - 19 hours ago
The bad news started out as a rumor as passengers waited
in line last night for a flight to Biloxi, Miss., on Skybus Airlines

Skybus - Announcement

Skybus struggled to overcome the combination of rising jet fuel costs and
a slowing economic environment.

Columbus Dispatch
Shutdown of Skybus strands fliers
Richmond Times Dispatch, VA - 54 minutes ago
McCoy didn't learn until she arrived at the airport
yesterday that low-cost, Columbus, Ohio-based Skybus
had shut down abruptly Friday night and will file ...

Skybus Shut Down Leaves Travelers Stuck in Milwaukee Newsradio 620

Skybus... Goes BustWTMJ-TV